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Lanyard Elegance
        I don't know what started it but I have always been a huge fan of lanyards.  I know that when I was in high school it was the cool thing (or at least I thought it was)  to have the plastic key chains that had all sorts of sayings on them goofy or not.  Then I met Kevin and he loved using them too.  When working in the restaurant I loved having one to keep my manager card on so I wouldn't lose it and could easily carry it around my neck.

        Then I actually also lost my credit card a year ago and within 12 hours, thousands of dollars had been charged to my account.  This was actually my fault since I have always been one of those girls who just throws her stuff back in their purse and not where its actually supposed to go.  Ever since then I have had my credit card attached to a lanyard and guess what?  I haven't lost it once!

        We as a family have always carried a minimum of one each and then at the Michigan women's show last year they had new sparkly rhinestone ones which I had to have.  Unfortunately. They were cheap and ruined almost as quickly as you began using it.  Since then I have been looking for a new creative way to sport my keys and other necessities.  My search led me to the very creative company Lanyard Elegance.

        After having to wear the same old black lanyard to work each day the ladies at Lanyard Elegance started beading their own creations as a hobby more or less.  Through hard work and a lot of testing they have now created a unique and beautiful design that is made to last and show off your own personal style.  You can compliment your outfits each day as you would with a necklace by picking out a different style lanyard.

        Personally, I had a very hard time picking out just one of the beautiful lanyards from Lanyard Elegance especially knowing they create new styles all the time!  So far I have had mine now for almost a month and if you know me or my children, you know we are not easy on anything we own.  I have been using my lanyard for my mail keys (which also include my credit card) and as you can imagine these are tossed around a lot.  I throw them in my purse, toss em across the room to my daughter when I send her to check the mail, and pull them in and out of my coupon binder bag each weekly trip to the grocery store.

        I have not been nice to this lanyard in anyway and it has still held its own and looks great! These are not your average made cheap quality product.  They are very heavy duty!  Each lanyard at Lanyard Elegance is hand made with crystals from Austria and the Czech Republic, with a very secure but easy open clasp.  Currently there are 33 styles/designs to choose from but you can always custom order something special like your favorite team colors or something to match your favorite outfit exactly!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $30-35 Lanyards 
Recommendation:   I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with this company from feeling like women behind Lanyard Elegance are family with their exceptional and quick customer service to the quality of crystals and bead work which has lasted longer than most products of this nature in my household.  I think the prices can seem a bit expensive when you think of it as a lanyard but when you factor in the fact that it IS an accessory and can compliment any outfit or uniform and that it will last and not break all that easily, the price seems much more reasonable.  I recommend checking out the designs as there is sure to be something you will fall in love with!

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Giveaway:  Lanyard Elegance is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Lanyard of their own!  Come back 11/6/2013 to enter for a chance to win!!!

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  1. What a great product and what a great idea to switch them uP!


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