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        Now the fad of adding citrus especially lemons to beverages started years ago if not even at least a decade ago.  I remember my mother telling me that I should always have lemon with my water as it helped with dieting and overall health.  I never cared though because I just loved the taste.

        Now you see people adding all sorts of natural fruits and vegetables to their water and other beverages.  It seems now though I am one of few who enjoy this type of drink especially in my family.  So when I heard about the product/brand Zing Anything I knew it was one I had to try.

        "The Zing Anything product line was developed to make a positive contribution toward improving our daily diets – both in the food we eat and the beverages we drink. We strongly believe in the infusion of farm fresh ingredients and we strive to create innovative tools to harness this power...With the Zing Anything products, users can avoid refined sugars, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and colorings while opting for a nutritional hydration choice utilizing all-natural ingredients."

        I love that the Zing Anything products made eco-friendly by being BPA and EA free, using soy- based inks and 18/8 food grade safe stainless steel.  Not only are they made to infuse water with your favorite and healthy flavors but there are different styles for different purposes.  You can purchase of course the citrus zinger as well as the aqua zinger, vodka zinger AND the salad zinger.

        The possibilities are endless and to be honest I love my citrus zinger so much I know I want to of course try the vodka one since this is something I've wanted to try for years!  I can't wait to make my own fruit flavored vodka or perhaps some vanilla bean vodka!  These even come in different color varieties as well to match any decor.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $16.99 Citrus Zinger 
Recommendation:  These are a great idea for any household and not just if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle but to use in all areas of the kitchen!  Get creative!
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Giveaway:  Zing Anything is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Citrus Zinger to have of their own!  Come back 11/6/2013 to enter for a chance to win!!!

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