Eco-Friendly Snap-Together Sandbox Review and #Giveaway from Magic Cabin

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        My dream for as long as I can remember has been to live on a ton of property in the typical old style country home with a large wrap around porch and a massive kitchen.  Kevin and I got close to it once and are planning it hopefully for our family in the coming year.

Eco-Friendly Snap-Together Sandbox
        One of the things I've always wanted as well since having children has been a sandbox.  I don't know what it is but children just love playing in the sand.  I had one growing up and had planned on constructing a much more fun and entertaining one for them once we had a decent yard to put it in.  I've told Kevin several times my plan was to make it from recycled materials so as to teach my children the importance of recycling while giving them such a fun toy.

        Then as luck would have it, I discovered Magic Cabin had one which was almost made for the boys and all their friends.  The Eco-Friendly Snap-Together Sandbox which I received to review is made from a durable, bio-composite material consisting of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic.  It is one of the easiest outdoor toys you can think of purchasing too since it has six curved snap together pieces.

        What I especially love it the flower shape it makes, yet comes in a blue and green color so it is versatile whether you have boys or girls.  Each snap together piece is actually a seat for your little ones too!  On top of all this awesomeness, it comes with a cover and tarp with stakes to keep it clean and always ready to use!

        The boys are super excited to use this in the spring and can't wait to show their friends their new outdoor toy.  Mom is happy since we have an eco-friendly sandbox AND a reason to get the kids out of the house instead of playing a video game!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $89.98 Eco-Friendly Snap-Together Sandbox 
Recommendation:  I definitely would recommend this to anyone with children.  Not only is it eco-friendly but these make great excuses for your little ones to get outside!
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  1. I love Magic Cabin....they have real quality items for kids of all ages.

  2. Magic Cabin is great! They carry the kinds of toys and games that I love to buy for kids, especially at Christmas. I like things that last a long time and have a bit of an educational side to them.

  3. Sadly, my experience with Magic Cabin has been disappointing. I ordered this sandbox for a grandchild's birthday (plenty of time), but after hearing nothing more from the company I began to follow up. Only then did I learn that the item was back ordered. In spite of two more calls on which I was promised a specific ship date, today the company is no closer to knowing when/if it will get this item back in stock. 14 days after placing the order, I have cancelled and am searching again. Poor customer service!


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