Healthy Living for A Certain Ladybug in 2014

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        With 2014's beginning, all the diet programs I have been trying, and all the bad things that have happened over 2013, I decided I needed to start the New Year fresh!  However, this doesn't mean I set a resolution as I just feel like so many people fail because they put that all or nothing pressure on themselves.

        I want to start the new year successful in all areas of my life and especially for my children.  Of course one of my goals is to lose weight and cut all the unhealthy foods out of my daily intake.  But most importantly I want to cut all the negative out.  This has included people and my own negative attitude!  I am looking live healthy inside and out!

        Anyone can honestly do the same for themselves and more importantly there isn't a specific time frame you need to follow in order to do so!  I have decided that living a 100% green lifestyle is going to be one which my family puts forth a true effort doing so.

        We are moving into a new home in a few months and are going to attempt taking only the eco-friendly necessities with us.  This means less plastics, paper, and clutter.  We are (re)starting our garden as soon as we are settled and will be attempting to be as self sufficient as physically possible.

        I, myself, will be taking a different route to dieting and getting healthier.  It can't just be all about one thing like loading up on dieting pills, counting calories, and working out.  I want my system to be all around reset.  I want to start taking healthier supplements and probiotics.  That way, the food I consume is being properly utilized throughout my body.

        I am thrilled that we will have a basement at the new house so I will be able to take at least 20 minutes each morning to work out lightly while the boys sleep.  Our garden will provide the freshest ingredients as well for my family meals!  There are tons more ideas explained more thoroughly, which I will be sharing with each of you over the next few months so you can look forward to learning right along with me and Growing into Green with your family too!

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