Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids Lite App Review

        Every child loves to color at one point and time in their life!  My boys absolutely love to do crafts of any sort at home.  Sometime's I find myself trying to come up with new ideas that are not only fun and different for them but honestly not boring for me OR wasteful with products in my eyes.  Nothing drives me more crazy than to have a bunch of trash at the end of a project but at the same time I never want to limit them!

        Because children learn and use technology almost 100% of the time nowadays it is important to offer these types of activities both in real life and online.  This is more than a way of learning but also makes it more fun so to speak for them. I have had a few freestyle art phone apps before but nothing that really allowed the boys to get creative (or any more than scribbling a ton).

        Recently being asked to review the Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids Lite, I was more than excited!  ""Mini Monet is a creative playground for little kids. Children can explore various art styles with easy to use tools, capture their creative ideas on blank pages or simply get creative with coloring."

        I actually used to be an artist when I was younger and would enter my art work into tons of contests.  The Mini Monet Creative Studio is more than just an app for children to get creative.  They can also complete weekly challenges which are available each Friday, earning coins for completing each of them.

        The coins and stickers they earn for completed challenges and sharing with friends, allow them to unlock more coloring pages and activities!  "The Art Club is a safe environment for them to share their work and be inspired by what other little artists create. Being a parent myself, we take children's privacy very seriously. All art submissions are anonymous to safeguard the child's identity."

        There is a Magic Pencil which your children will use when drawing on their own.  I loved this feature as Declan of course is not at a point where Dane is when it comes to coloring in the lines.  This Magic Pencil keeps the paint they use to color in the drawings inside the lines allowing them to learn to paint/color neatly.

        I do have to say one thing though, we have always encouraged our kids to color how they enjoy doing so.  If they want to color outside the lines then that is perfectly fine with us!  obviously there is a time and place for free flowing art but at the same time just because "your supposed to color inside the lines", doesn't mean you HAVE TO.

        Each of the challenges are designed specifically for kids aged 6-8 years however younger children do just fine with this app as it again helps teach them neatness, creativity, and symmetry.  The older children can learn to create their own visions or even add to the ones already available in the app.  I literally just downloaded this app and the boys have been fighting over it constantly!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $FREE Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids Lite
Recommendation:   I LOVE this app and think it is great for most any age child!  I am however thoroughly disappointed in the fact that this is only available for the iPad.  We have pretty much every operating system available in this house except the iPad so I had to borrow my sisters.  I would love to see this available on the iPhone, iPod or any Android OS.
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