Talking Anya Dressup and Pet Puppies App Review

        Having children in this day and age is so much more different than it was for the generation before us.  Children learn and use technology almost 100% of the time now.  This is more than a way of learning but also makes it more fun so to speak for them as well as seems to be an easy fix when traveling with children to have different apps available on your smart phones.

        I have used several learning and game apps on my phones as well as iPad/iPods am always looking for new ones to share with my kids.  I was excited when I was approached and asked to review the Sprite Labs app - Talking Anya Dressup and Pet Puppies.  My children actually enjoy a similar app that they are constantly playing so I figured this would be a good fit for both my boys and Amy's girls!

        Anya is a 3D little girl which children can dress up, change her hairstyle or eyes, tickle her to make her giggle, or get her singing and dancing!  She loves to blow bubbles, eat cupcakes, and twirl a hula hoop.  Anya can say I love you and will let you know when she is sad as well as her fear of spiders!

        Anya even has a bunch of puppies to play with which you can do the same activities with like dancing and playing dress up.  The puppies can play along with you or with toys. These little pups of course need to be fed and cuddled with as much as possible to keep them happy too!

        *Puppies are a purchased upgrade only "behind a parent gate".  We attempted to find out the cost of this as well as for the additional items mentioned above which Anya has available, but for some reason were unable to see the actual pricing without entering a password to OK the purchase.  We opted not to complete this action because we didn't want to be charged on accident.

        My kids favorite part of Anya is that she will repeat what you say in a squeaky little girls voice so of course the boys especially enjoyed this feature!  They liked the fact that you could buy different holiday costumes as well depending on the season.  As a parent I wasn't a fan though that a lot of this wasn't available with the initial download.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $FREE Talking Anya 
Recommendation:  I would recommend this possibly for your pre-preschool aged children to help calm them down or keep them occupied while traveling in the car or at a store.  Of course because its free its worth the download but I am not thrilled about the amount of upgrades which I am sure are quite costly.  There could have been just a few more things included such as one puppy.
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