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        One of the things I love about being a mother is all the activity and enthusiasm children have.  I swear I always have to be on my toes and even more so with having boys.  Even if they get hurt the most outside I love that it is one of their  favorite places to play.  You see children of this generation spending way too much time playing video games indoors.  My children are no exception however, I'm proud to say that if I am outside, they are!

        Being an avid gardener and having an intense love for the outdoors, I am very proactive about involving the kids in outdoor activities.   During the summer we spend a lot of time at the pool or local beach and I've noticed that parents very rarely seem to forget to coat their children with sunscreen.   However they almost always have their children running around without eye protection which is so unfortunate.  So when Paxley Sunglasses agreed to send me a few pairs for the kids to review, I was thrilled!

        "Paxley Eyewear focuses on three main things: protection, comfort, and design. With the help of top eyewear designers in the US, we helped create an ergonomically sound frame and temple design that was specifically made for babies and toddlers, not just sized down from adult eye wear. Working closely with engineers and manufacturers in Italy, we created a safe, hypoallergenic pair of glasses that are safe enough to chew on."

        Safe enough to chew on, why didn't I think of that!? These are not your average children sunglasses which are usually sold as toys and contain no actual protection for your children.  I had no idea that when I thought I was protecting my children by putting them in sunglasses everyday that I bought in random stores around town, I really wasn't.  

        One of the first things Dane noticed about these was how much you could bend them.  He even freaked out on Declan at first thinking he might break them link most pairs.  Not this kind of sunglasses though, they are made with destructive kids in mind!  Each pair is constructed in Italy using something called SafeBend™ temple technology

        What's especially great is that for the older kids trying to dress and act all stylish, Paxley actually makes sunglasses that reflect the latest trends.  So when I was sent over two pairs (Pico Light Green and Fairfax Caramel), the boys were more than excited to wear them.  And just as luck would have it, we happened to be going to a water park the same weekend they arrived.  Even though this was an indoor water park, the boys wore them around the whole time!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $40 Any Pair 
Recommendation:   I think these are all great and the boys just loved them!  I think that if you have a lil one going outdoors frequently that they will love any of the these and even if its just once in a while!  Protect your kiddos and buy a pair for sure!!  I see these lasting for quite some time and even though I do think they are a bit expensive for kids sunglasses, I think the purchase is more than worth it!
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  1. What a fantastic idea! I always make sure to use sunscreen, but quality sunglasses are a bit harder to come by. I love how sturdy these are.


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