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        I have always been a very clean and organized person.  One of my favorite things to do when I was single was to light some candles, break open a bottle of wine, and pull out my steam cleaner.  Sad, yes I know, but it was so relaxing and I loved the feel/smell of a clean home for days after.  Because of all the animals I have always had, the cleanly smell has always been something important to me.

        There are so many companies available which claim to have the best products available but most offer a very small and specific selection.  Because I used to burn candles and cannot as often anymore because of the kids, I try to find companies which offer more than just quality candles.

        Last year, I was given the wonderful chance to work with the company which opened me to a variety of other products. offers a HUGE selection of products "for every room and every occasion".  You could truly spend hours searching through their website and still not discovered everything they have available.

        From candles, oils and potpourri to perfumes, diffusers, and beauty products, they carry most anything you can think of (and even those you haven't).  I may sound like I am pitching but you should know better with me as just writing this review I discovered their line of pet products available too! graciously sent me over a variety of Claire Burke products so I could review the product line this time around.  I received the Stovetop Simmer Pot, Christmas Memories® Simmering Oil, Slice of Spice™ Home Fragrance Oil, Wild Cotton Electric Warmer Refill Plus Warmer Unit Bundle, Cherry O Electric Fragrance Warmer Refill, and two different Perfume Gift Packs (Christian Audigier and Delicious)!

        First and the easiest to set up was the Electric Warmer Unit Bundle.  Simply pop your refill into the unit and plug into an outlet where you want the fragrance the strongest.  Although I loved both scents, I did feel as if the Cherry O had a stronger smell (as I expected it would) than the Wild Cotton.

        The perfume gift packs were not only generous product sizes but both game packaged beautifully ready to be gifted!  Unfortunately for others we weren't planning on that.  The "Delicious" by Gale Hayman was a bit to perfumy for me and my style but I really liked the smell of the Christian Audigier Fall Set.  The women's gift pack came with perfume lotion and shower gel; and the men's came with cologne, deodorant, body wash, and travel cologne.

        My favorite though, of all that I received was the Claire Burke Simmer Pot and the Simmering Oil!  I love being able to have a specific container for burning the oil (and other items) on the stove as I had already been doing this for a while now.  The pot heats up evenly and spreads the smell throughout your home.  I couldn't believe how well I could smell the oil in places like my bedroom (no where near the kitchen)!  My only complaint/area of concern is that you make sure to use tongs or oven gloves when removing the lid to refill after use as this gets very hot!

Cost/Available to purchase: $varies depending on product
Recommendation:  Depending on your need for air freshening, I would recommend giving any of these products a try.  I would also recommend checking out what their website has to offer as I said earlier, it seems as if they literally carry everything.  As far as pricing goes some items seem high but others seem right in line with anywhere else you'd look!
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Giveaway:  Scenting is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers each a variety of the products I received to try of their own! This will be part of the Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Event starting later tonight!

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  1. Wow I have never tried any of their Products before so I really appreciate the Review, I will definitely check them out, I love Home Scenting Products but you are right about all of the Company's saying they are better, I have tried many different Products, and found that Wax Burners offer the best/longest Scents, but I haven't tried an Electric Oil Diffuser yet, so I will check this out! Thanks for the Post and the Link!

  2. I love that this company has a wide variety of products to choose from! Like you, I am not able to burn candles anymore because of the kiddos. You are very right that there are TONS of companies out there that claim to have the best products, and have tried many with not so great results. It seems like this company not only has a great selection of products, but products that actually work. The scents do seem delightful, especially the Christian Audigier Fall Set. I'd love to try the Electric Oil Diffuser as well! I love this type of product! Thanks so much for your review and photos!


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