BoneFish Grill Review

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        So I love to going out to eat and trying new places.  I enjoy all kinds of food, but have lately been craving seafood mostly.  When I was asked to review the restaurant Bonefish, I was super excited to give it a try.  I had a fantastic experience at the Troy, MI location and the food was really amazing.  I really like the variety of the selection that Bonefish Grill has to offer their patrons.  They offer seafood and then also steak meals, so you are bound to find something that you will like to eat, I highly suggest you get the warm mango sauce with anything that you order as this stuff is to die for!

        I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to try someplace different that you know you will always have a quality meal and excellent service.  This is a great place to go for lunch or for a nice dinner out with loved ones.  This is the perfect place to go to celebrate something special or gather with friends.  The price point on the menu is moderate but for the meal that you get it is worth it.  They have an extensive martini list and a smaller beer list, but do offer some nice choices.

        Update: So I recently returned to the Troy location while on my lunch break with a co-worker and we sat at the bar to order something quick with a drink.  The bartender was very nice and friendly, however she did seem to be overwhelmed.  When we sat down we were told that all the food was flown in fresh daily, so I ordered the corn chowder with large lump crab meat in it, which is supposed to be one of their best soups.  I also ordered Ahi Tuna (seared) large appetizer.  When they brought my Tuna not only did it not look fresh, it looked as if it had been sitting around for at least a day or two.  It was very grey in color and when I inquired about it, the manager replaced it but said they had it cut into three pieces and this was the best one they had (which is not a response I would have expected from someone in management).

        He brought me out a small size portion as my replacement, when I ordered a large.  I still didn't understand how the tuna didn't look fresh nor did it taste it if it was flown in fresh as claimed.  But as someone who is very picky about seafood and knows Ahi Tuna as well as how I like it, I knew this was not fresh Tuna which was a big disappointment.  It was even explained to me that Lunch Meals were not fresh as the "fresh food" is only available after 4pm!  I was absolutely baffled at the honesty about the misleading information they provide their guests with.  When you advertise flown in fresh daily food, it shouldn't matter when I order it throughout the say on top of this Tuna appearing to be several days old.

        My co-worker ordered a lunch combo of soup and tacos.  they brought my soup out with my lunch and brought her soup before the meal without even asking if it was preferred we had it sent out this way.   This whole encounter at BoneFish Grill took an hour and half, which luckily is okay with our boss that we were gone that long and late returning from a "quick" lunch.  Besides the issues with the food this was just ridiculous at that time of day ordering from the bar.  Then factoring in the quality of the food, the managers explanation, and the mix ups, I was thoroughly disappointed.  I guess this is not the best place to go for lunch, as the fresh food isn't available, the service is slow and sub par and the stronger managers don't work during the day time.  Our meals were comped but I still left hungry.

Recommendation:  At this point I don't really know what to recommend.  I've had a great dinner experience and a terrible lunch one.  After the things I learned though with this last visit I think it might be sad to say I will not be returning.  I hat to say the what you don't know doesn't hurt you but it's true and now that I know a few extra details, I wish I hadn't and probably won't be able to eat there again with the uncertainty.
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