Puritan's Pride Health Products Review and #Giveaway

        I have to be completely honest, when I was first asked by Puritans Pride to take part in reviewing several of their products, I didn't know much about them as a brand.  As far as I understood they were a natural, organic company with a variety of health products available.  I truly had no idea they had as much as I've discovered over the last few weeks!

        With all the health problems my family has, I am always looking for alternatives to the traditional medicines I am normally forced to load my loved ones up.  I was sent over a TON of products with a variety of uses for review which included Neti Pot + Salt, Sinu Orega Nasal Spray, Clear Lungs, Breathe Easy Tea, and Eucalyptus 100% Essential Oil.  Not only was I impressed with such a wide variety but very grateful the products uses and the time of arrival.

        Yes, majority of the country has been experiencing extreme weather conditions this year, but Michigan has been smack in the center dealing with this darn polar vortex which only supposedly happens every ten years.  We are completely missing our usual spring and mother nature has been up to her old Michigan ways playing nasty tricks on us.  One day we will have 50 degree weather (which means shorts for Michiganders) and the next literally below 0.

        This has been causing tons of adults and children to get sick.  Its also caused sinus sufferers some pretty severe infections because of these drastic changes.  Included in the group of people suffering from these sinus infections are myself and Alana.  With this season being the worst I've personally dealt with in 32 years, and a pretty extreme one for Alana to be dealing with as a teenager.

        The day my package arrived from Puritans Pride, I was just starting to develop a sinus infection and Alana was in the middle of the 2nd week of a pretty sever one herself.  Right away we were beyond ready to try something other than the name brand we were already taking with no success of feeling well.  Right away we opened most of the products with the exception of the Neti Pot.

        I honestly live for essential oils and believe they work better than most other products.  So I busted out the Eucalyptus 100% Essential Oil and rubbed it on my neck/gland area and my temple area as well as tossed a few drops into our humidifier we had running!  I am a big fan of the smell of Eucalyptus and think it soothes overall every sense when I am sick!

        Next we went for the Sinu Orega Nasal Spray, being that I am not a fan of sticking anything up or around my nose area I let Alan try this one first.  Within ten minutes she said she felt relief and almost zero congestion, no joke!  Of course after hearing this I had to give it a try and have to say it worked great too!

        "Sinu-Orega is a natural nasal wash powered by potent spice extracts." Beware of this discription as they are not kidding, this is a POTENT solution which both burns and surprises you when you first try it.  The smell is amazing like a kitchen filled with fresh spices which is stuck in your nostrils for hours.

        Next we opened the Clear Lungs™ and thought it worked fairly well from what we can tell as I felt a releif dealing with my breathing because of my asthma.  I even made us some homemade chicken noodle soup and opened several capsules into the broth to help with all our side effects.  There was no after taste taking this by pill or in the soup (in fact it was un-noticed in the food).  The second Kevin mentioned he thought he was getting sick, I gave him these to take and he never ended up with anything like Alana and I!

        I have always been one of those occasional tea drinkers.  I definitely always enjoy a hot glass with some honey when I am feeling sick in the evenings.   So I of course knew I wanted to try the Breathe Easy Tea which is "made with organic licorice root".  I unfortunately have to tell you I thought this was terrible!  I normally enjoy black teas and this was just too sweet for me.  I could barely stomach half the mug so I have to tell you I know nothing about how well this might have worked.

        The Neti Pot is similar to other neti pots in design and comes with the Neti Pot Salt.  The net pot is designed natural clean the nasal passage by washing away debris and contaminants that build up in your nasal passages.  My only complaint is that I really hate rinsing through my nose and so do the little ones.  But if it helps me avoid getting sick I am still going to suck it up and do it!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $Varies - All products available through the website
Recommendation:  Definitely a great company to get your vitamins, aromatherapy, foods, sports related and other health care products from.  Remember natural is much better than some of the name brand crap.  Plus all the prices were pretty good compared to anywhere else I've seen with some pretty hefty discounts it seemed.
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Giveaway:  Puritans Pride is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers the same package I received to try of their own!
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  1. My family does not get too many illnesses, but we do suffer from headaches and allergies, so we could use some natural remedies for that.
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  2. Our family all have year round poor daughter is always getting headaches from them.

  3. This would be perfect for us. We get lots of colds and sinus infections. We live in WA so we have weird weather here too. Mostly rain. I'm always open to trying natural remedies so I would love to try this!

  4. I have had gland issues on my right side since I was a kid and still have them. I have sinus infections about once a year here in smog filled LA.

  5. Would love the natural supplements for the common allergy/sinus colds

    Jeana Odonnell-Murphy

  6. I frequently get sinus problems in the spring that drive me crazy

  7. Sinus allergies

  8. I have some arthritis and joint pain that I could use a diffferent remedy on. I find that some natural remedies help me more than NSAIDS.

  9. I have constant sinus issues because of the dry air in my state.

  10. My family suffers from allergies.

  11. I could use help with my allergies.

  12. I think it could help my allergies.

  13. Chronic allergies! Thank you for the chance!

  14. I enjoy this blog as is. I love finding out about new healthy products.
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  15. My allergies and sinus issues this would help alot with


  17. The cold that I have right now. (pick me and HURRY!)
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com


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