Cappelli Straworld, Inc Pack A Hat!™ Review

        With summer quickly approaching, I was recently asked by Dorfman Pacific to review the Cappelli Straworld, Inc Pack A Hat!™.  “An adorable tote-style miniature wrist-let bag in cheerful summery stripes contains within it a stylish and matching pack-able sun hat with a 4 ½ inch brim."  Even better this hat features a UPF 50+ rating to continuously help prevent sun exposure and damage to your skin.

        "Dorfman Pacific is one of the largest full-line, in-stock head wear companies in the world."  Their styles are always unique and up on the latest trends.  This hat/bag combo comes in 7 color combinations where each hat coordinates and folds easily into it's matching bag.  Not only does my mother wear these all summer long, I have fallen in love with this style as well.  They just seem so fun and flashy to wear around the pool or at the beach.  I even wear mine while working in my garden.

        The hat itself is a really cute hat, the bag it comes with is adorable too!  I like both but together I think it is kind of a dumb idea.  I just don't understand the concept, why do I need to put my sun hat need it's own personal bag? Wouldn't it just be easier to put it in a beach bag or purse with a few other items? I will definitely wear the hat, but probably use the bag for something else even if it is still in coordination with the hat.  Both seem to be made quite well and should last through the long days at the beach or while gardening!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $25 Pack A Hat!™ 
Recommendation:  These are super cute hats that are even one size fits all with the of course the cute matching wallet/purse.  Even at $25 they are pretty reasonably priced since this is a hat you can take most anywhere for some major sun protection.

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