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        Now I know for a fact that I am NOT going to be alone in saying there are certain chores around the home that you must have a system or schedule in place but these chores also require a cheat method when completing them.  Sometimes it makes the chores easier and quicker and other times it becomes almost necessary to cut corners.  Laundry is one of those for me. I actually despise doing laundry and have been lucky enough to marry someone who prefers doing the laundry.

        With Kevin working full time, I usually find myself either running the loads during the day so he can fold when he gets home or I find we are starting laundry later in the evening. Tell me you have never left a load in the wash overnight and I might have to call you a liar as I feel like it is something everyone has done at least once before.  There is nothing more annoying to me being an eco-enthusiast than having to re-run my wash because I got busy with the kids during the day or going to  sleep without switching it over into the dryer.

        This is where the cheat methods come in!  I've found that when this happens sometimes I can soak a towel in fabric softener (purex of course) and toss it in the dryer with the wet clothes. This usually helps with the musty smell depending how bad it is.  However, it really isn't a true solution if you think about it since it's a huge waste of liquid softener.

        I am totally obsessed with the Purex Crystals and have used them frequently to get rid of these nasty smells!  Not only have I been in love with Purex detergent for years but the minute Purex released the line of Purex Crystals I knew I was hooked for life! With a new release of the Purex Crystal Dryer Sheets, I can barely contain myself!  Not only can I use the crystals whenever I want my laundry to have a fresh laundry smell, NOW I can use the Crystal Dryer Sheets in the dryer for added smells and softness.  

        I am pumped because now I do not have to re-wash these forgotten loads as frequently AND the dryer sheets will help from using any additional chemicals once we move into the new house with a septic system.  The day these came in my house had an amazing smell which prompted me to quickly start adding a sheet or two to the packed boxes of clothing as well to keep things from getting a funky smell in the move!

Available to Purchase/Cost: $VARIES Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets
Recommendation:  Honestly, I think this is a great brand which I've obviously used frequently in the past!  I love that my favorite crystals are now in an even easier form allowing me to use the sheets for even more things around the house!
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