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        Because each Summer I try my hardest to grow as much edible plants as possible in order to help not only provide for my family with food while saving money but because I know what goes into my plants as well as how safe they are.  I hate not having a large yard in the home we are in currently though because it becomes a puzzle each year figuring out where to put all the planters so they look pretty as well as can grow the best.

        The other problem I have is when it comes to the winters here in Michigan, I almost start getting depressed for my plant babies.  I want to bring each of them inside to save them from the drastic and bitter winters, however it just isn't possible.  Our home is too small and it would make for more chaos than its worth.  In either situation indoors or out even a task as simple as watering can be a pain.

        That was until I discovered My Garden Post randomly and luckily!  I was beyond thankful when they agreed to send one over to me for review!  My Garden Post created by Llona Innovations has been a small family owned and operated company since 2004.  When reading their "Abous Us" section, I felt like it was word for word what I had just typed in the paragraphs above.  They felt sad when gardening season ended during their trials and wanted to create something which work just as well indoors.

        My Garden Post is "A Vertical Growing System for Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit and Tropical Plants for urban gardeners with limited space."  Included with each growing system is 5 uniquely designed planters and mounting brackets, post and base stand with casters.  There are even drain hole plugs for indoor use and you can choose between two color planters - green or terracotta.

        When I first opened my massive box I was thinking "wow this is going to be a big project".  But then I quickly realized how unbelievably easy it was to set up as everything snaps in place or hooks together.  I was definitely jealous once I realized there was even an optional drip irrigation system you can purchase as an add on to this which would help a great deal with watering.  I will definitely have to look into this.

        I was super surprised to see that once it was all together it stood taller than me (although I am a short 5'3")!  This worked perfectly holding my two citrus plants in the bottom two larger planters and some smaller vegetables and herbs in the top three smaller planters.  I do wish there were 3 of the bigger ones but I understand the reason for the smaller ones.  So far my plants look happier than ever and are super easy to water.  I can't wait to even bring them in during the winter as I am NOT worried about a thing!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $199.99 MGP Vertical Garden System
Recommendation:  Now I do think the cost of this one is pretty high for a planter but geeez with the quality and ease of use you really can't do wrong.  In fact I would love to replace the rest of my planters with these to maximize my space and growing potential!  It's absolutely beautiful!
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