Crashlings Wicked Cool Toys Review

        For over a year now my boy s have been in love with these small "creatures" that they have been getting in the toy vending machine at a local restaurant they frequent with my parents almost every weekend.  These creatures which we call squishies are actually round characters about the size of a marble, each are differently themed and some are even of a harder material.

        Over the last several holidays I have scoured the toy stores for anything similar and always bought up anything I've found since locating something similar has been quite difficult.  That is until I was recently asked to review a new toy from Wicked Cool Toys called Crashlings.  "TV promoted boys’ collectible product line of Mutant Meteors from Outer Space to Earth!  Crashlings are one-inch collectible figures that are packed and travel inside a rubber-flex meteor."

        Not only were my guys super psyched to receive more of these awesome toys they love quite a bit already but now they had ones which were monster like!  "Crashlings come in five different breeds  (Aliens, Insects, Underwater, Dinosaurs, and Monsters)."  I've mentioned before how much my kiddos love both dinosaurs and monsters/zombies, plus Dane has recently taken a liking to aliens, so these are absolutely perfect for our family!

        I was sent over a ten pack of the Crashlings and to be honest both boys fought over them for the first week.  Each ten pack shows five Crashlings already open and another five are a surprise as they are still hidden in the meteors.  I also got a large Popper to send them flying up to 5 feet through the air.

        They loved carrying them around in their meteors and asked us like crazy to get them the Catapult City Playset.  Little do they know, Mom has already started making plans to purchase this for the next Summer Birthday we have coming up!  What I especially love is that there are over 150 Crashlings in Series 1 alone!  I can tell you these are going to be a frequent thing we will need to collect until we have each and every one!

Available to purchase/Cost: Available at Toys "R" Us and Amazon Ages 5+, SRP: $1.99 - $19.99
Recommendation:  These little guys are gross and adorable all in one!  I think for the amount you get in each pack compared to the price they make for a great gift and toy for any little boy into this type of thing!!
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