Silver Dolphin Books and Apps Review: Totally Monster + Pretend and Play

        I feel terrible for saying this but I just do not have the time to do a lot of reading.  I used to love doing so in my younger years as it was a huge stress reliever!  I try to encourage my children to read as much as possible and in fact we have a policy in our house that we will NEVER say no to a book purchase no matter what the cost.  Books are too important, so if they ask for one regardless of what level or cost, we want them to know they can have it always.

        I was recently asked by Silver Dolphin Books to review two children's books that are actually more than just books but also have apps available to coincide the series.  We all know that today's generation of children learn using more advanced technology than I think we could have ever imagined.

        Sent over Totally Monster: Best Friends and Pretend and Play: On the Farm, both boys were beyond thrilled about the arrival of these two books!  They actually worked out perfectly for each of their ages since the farm book had the removable animals which can be placed in different spots throughout the book.  Dane loved the monster book and how easy it was for him to read through it all by himself.  

        Totally Monster Best Friends synopsis says, "Everyone needs a friend to lean on including monsters! Whether happy or sad, quiet or loud, little monsters need friends. And it’s especially nice to have a best friend to share all of the little details of life with. Big and small monsters alike will be thrilled from head to toe with Totally Monster: Best Friends!"

        Pretend Play On the Farm synopsis says, "Grab your pitchfork and overalls and join Farmer Jack on a tour around the farm. From the smallest field mouse hiding in the hayloft to the tall brown horse peeking over his stall door, every animal has something to say. This interactive adventure includes illustrated puzzle pieces of farm animals that children can fit into each scene or play with as they read along. There is also a counting question in every scene--can you spot three butterflies flying among the cows? The reward at the end of the book is a pop-up barn complete with animals enjoying a sunny day. These endearing illustrations are sure to elicit a hello in every animal language--Moo! Oink! Neigh! Meow!"

        Dane has actually read the Totally Monsters book so many times that Declan (even though he can't read), can recite the book by heart.  It's wonderful to see a sense of accomplishment on Declan's face as he believes he is reading the book to me just like his big brother!  I love watching my children have so much fun learning!

        Now although we have not downloaded the apps just yet I can tell you, we are looking forward to it.  If they are anything like the books and I am expecting better, the kids will love them!

        "Far from frightening, the adorable monsters of the Totally Monster app series introduce young readers to a variety of everyday situations, utilizing the bold and imaginative illustrations of former Disney animator Sue DiCicco."

        Pretend and Play "app users learn the different jobs that each tool performs as well as how each job is important to completing the project; elementary fire safety in addition to an understanding of some of the many elements used by real-life firefighters;  Children learn about animals as they select the correct animal to complete the image and also engage in small counting games—such as how many butterflies can they see among the cows—helping to build numeracy skills."

Available to purchase/Cost: Totally Monster App
Totally Monster: Best Friends 
Illustrator: Sue DiCicco
ISBN 13: 978-1-60710-643-2
Format: Paper Over Board--Unjacketed HC
Pages: 14 pp.
Trim: 8.5 x 10.5
Art: Full Color
Category: Pre-school Learning & Fun
Age Range: 0 to 3
Price: $12.95

Pretend and Play App
Pretend and Play: On the Farm 
Illustrator: Salina Yoon
ISBN 13: 978-1-60710-635-7
Format: Board Book
Pages: 12 pp.
Trim: 10 x 10
Art: Full Color
Category: Pre-school Learning & Fun - Activity & Sticker Books
Age Range: 0 to 3
Price: $12.95

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Twitter: @SilverDolphin
Recommendation:  I am pretty positive my family is hooked on both of the book series and very much looking forward to the apps.
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