Prize Candle Review

        Before having children, there was always one thing you could count on seeing if you came to my house (or even further back my apartment), which was candles burning.  When I say candles I also mean LOTS of candles every where you look throughout my home.  I consider myself to be a big animal lover and have always had a variety of pets.  With them, comes the smells on EVERYTHING.

        Even though I have always had multiple animals, I have tried very hard to keep my home from smelling that way.  I love the smells that candles bring and how the flickering light can set a tone.  Both the smell and light relax me no matter what mood I'm in!  I thankfully was given the opportunity to work with the brand Prize Candle through a Taste Maker Mom's campaign.

        I was sent over the all natural soy candle scent, Jasmine Neroli.  Each of these candles has a 100% cotton vegetable dipped wick and should burn for up to 40 hours.  As your candle burns you will begin to see the prize which comes in every candle. The Soy Candle honestly didn't have a smell while burning although it had a subtle smell right out of the box which I enjoyed.

        I have always loved the idea of the prize candles since my sister burns them in her home from another brand.  I think they are uber creative way to surprise an adult (kind of like the toys at the bottom of a cereal box).  Though it was not over powering, I couldn't notice a difference in the room.

        I do have to point out a few concerns though.  With claiming to be an eco-conscious brand, I was disappointed to not only find that my prize was packaged in a plastic capsule of sorts but to also see it burn and smoke because of the heat of the wick. None of this is eco-friendly and in fact one of the first things you learn being an active eco-enthusiast is that most any plastic (especially burning plastic) is not good for our environment or our bodies.

        Unfortunately I am unable to tell you the prize value of my ring since the code included was damaged.  It was however a beautiful ruby red color which I gave to my daughter to wear since she wears jewelry much more frequently than myself.

Cost/Available to purchase: $24.99 Candle Collection 
Recommendation:  Depending on your need for air freshening, I would think these would be a good fit for a home without pets or children.  As far as pricing goes these are a great price if you get a prize valued at the cost of the candle.  However, I don't know that I would pay this much for these candles again unfortunately.

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