The Learning Journey International Review and #Giveaway

The Learning Journey
        As a parent of a both elementary and pre-school aged children, I am always trying to encourage them to get excited about learning especially between the two of them.  They are constantly fighting over toys and games and I truly believe this is the age where you set the education expectations for your children for their entire life.  They will either enjoy learning and work hard to get through any obstacles or they will continuously struggle and get discouraged.

        I try to constantly find something that will apply to the two boys OR something that compliments both their strengths as they are quite different.  This also in a way encourages them to help each other with learning and strengthens the bonds between them.  Thankfully, The Learning Journey International agreed to work with me a second time around on something in the spirit of Back to School Season.

        They quickly sent me over the over the Touch and Learn - Mathematics Bot (for Declan) and the Telly The Teaching Time Clock (for Dane).  Both boys were so excited for these two that they readily waited by the door each day so they could be there the second they arrived.  They were both excited to learn on their new "guys".

        The Touch and Learn Mathematics Bot features a colorful look from top to bottom including it's touch pad sensor panel.  The interactive LED face reacts to your little one as they play in the four different games modes (Learn the Numbers, Find It, Mathematics Quiz and Calculator Fun). Both boys actually enjoyed this one and thankfully took turns playing with it when they could.

        Telly The Teaching Time Clock is also a colorful guy which uses both analog and digital time to help your little one learn to tell time on his own.  There are two modes (Learning and Quiz) which have your child complete a variety of tasks that build their knowledge.  He is also a real working clock so the boys were psyched to have him in their new room!  Although this one was for Dane, Declan enjoyed learning with his brother quite a bit too!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $29.99 Touch and Learn - Mathematics Bot 
$27.99 Telly The Teaching Time Clock 
Recommendation: I was super happy to see that BOTH boys loved both of these and to see that they were actually a quality toy.  Too often you see cheaper toys claiming to be educational and they really don't work for but 5 minutes!  I think the pricing is perfect as well for both as they functioned exactly as expected!
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Giveaway:  Learning Journey is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Mathematics Bot of their own! This is part of the "School Spirit" M.O.O.N. Giveaway Event held from 8/13-8/27!
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