The Happy's Pet's Review

        A while back, Alana and (yes) myself got into these cute little "pets".  We decided they were an adorable way to have a pet without the responsibility and to be honest they kept the boys pretty entertained chasing them around the floor.  ZhuZhu Pets were a huge hit that Christmas and we came to purchase over a dozen of them.  Now from the makers of ZhuZhu Pets, comes a similar concept called The Happy's.

        I was recently asked to review on of The Happy's pet's, interactive treat, and a chase n' play ball.  Not only were my guys super psyched to receive a different version of the awesome toys they loved quite a bit already but now they had something that was even more interactive than the last version.

        I was sent over Sport "the Goldendoodle obsessed with chasing balls".  Arriving with a bone treat and a ball we were immediately excited to learn all the tricks this adorable puppy might do.  We were pretty confused about what to honestly do with the bone as it was the only portion which didn't seem self explanatory.  The best part of this toy is the fact that Sport will always find his way back to his ball.

        To be honest, right away what you won't see in my edited video is the boys who fought over this constantly for the first week.  Playing with the ball just so happens to be what the boys fought the most over since they each wanted to constantly play fetch with their new puppy pal!  It was even quite entertaining to watch the dogs who were baffled by the moving toy as well!

Available to purchase/Cost: $19.99 The Happy's - Where to Buy
$9.99 Chase n Play Ball
Recommendation:  These little guys are adorable, interactive and fun!  With 4 available as of now I can tell you I have plans to get the boys each of them so they can have 2 of their own!  I think they are a bit pricey since I definitely recommend purchasing the ball with your pet making it a total of $30.  Still they are very creative and the kids loved them!

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