The Pocket Jump Kickstarter Campaign!

It's inevitable; first your car battery goes, then your phone battery dies. Now you're left messing with jumper cables on the side of the road or in a desolate parking lot without the security of having a working phone nearby. Viatek Consumer Products Group introduces the Pocket Jump-the first-ever product of its kind. Equipped with Smart Charge technology, it can recharge devices like smart phones (*including that brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), tablets, and gaming devices, while still retaining enough power to jump-start a vehicle--all from the security and convenience of the driver's seat. The Pocket Jump is also rechargeable, guaranteeing you safety and convenience for years to come.

The Pocket Jump is portable-in fact, it actually fits in your pocket- (say goodbye to bulky equipment) yet possesses enough oomph to jump-start your car. It's durable and practical, yet sleek and stylish enough that you won't have to leave home without it. Available in red, blue, purple, silver, and black.

The Kickstarter launched September 19, 2014 with a goal of 100,000. Funds raised will go to fine-tuning form and function as well as moving the product into the important manufacturing phase. The product is invented by a core group of designers, engineers, and operations staff based in Chattanooga, TN. Product is scheduled to start shipping January 2015.

Learn more about the Pocket Jump and grab yourself one!
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