Heat Storm Logan Portable Infrared Heater Review

Heat Storm Infrared Heaters
        I have to first off start this review by making sure everyone knows I currently live in Michigan and although I lived down south for 2 years, I am a born and raised Michiganander.  It can get pretty freaking cold up here and we usually only get to enjoy a very short summer.  Being prepared for the winter season and cold weather is a non-negotiable living here.

        Most of you might know by now that we recently moved into a new house.  Not only has this been a very long time coming but we did so with a few major goals in mind.  We wanted to create a new environment for our family which was as self sufficient and green friendly as possible.  Though, sometimes this isn't always possible, there are always way around being as eco-responsible as possible.

        With moving into the new house we changed over from normal city water to well water, from city sewer to septic tank, and from natural gas to propane tank.  These each come with different positives and negatives.  The propane tank being the most costly and least eco-friendly change.  Thankfully, I was given a great opportunity to review a heater from Heat Storm.

        After much discussion about which would be best for homes layout we decided on the Logan Portable Infrared Heater which covers up to 1,000 square feet.  With a beautiful walnut finish there is no bulky, out of place look like with most heaters.  This fits right in with our homes decor and is even on castors for easy movement around the room.  Even so with the remote control it comes with, I rarely have to worry about getting up to adjust the heat as the day progresses.

        I love the air purifying function through a washable high efficiency lifetime filter.  The heat exchanger even uses the rooms humidity "to provide soft, moist, safe heat without reducing oxygen or humidity" so I never have to worry about drying out my home and having to add a humidifier in addition to the heater.  With Alana and her frequent nose bleeds during the drier months, this is a big plus in my books!

        Using 1500 watts, this bad boy puts out 5,200 BTU/h and I can tell you, you can feel it as it warms your home!  A built in thermostat helps keep the Logan going when it is needed and shuts off when at temperature.  The thermostat even balances the heat "between floor and ceiling within 2 to 3 degrees".

        Beyond all the benefits I've already listed, I of course love the fact that I don't have to worry about blowing through propane this winter as well as all possible funds since it is such a costly fuel.  The first morning after it arrived I awoke to a cozy home environment.  The Logan comes with a 3 year warranty just in case!  I am thrilled I can easily keep my family safely warm and comfortable this winter!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $169 Logan Portable Infrared Heater  
Recommendation:  Um, yes please may I have another?!  This is a totally awesome and efficient tool to have in your home no matter where in the country you live!  They are also a phenomenal company to look into for all areas heating your home.
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