French’s Crunch Time Entrées Reviw

        As much as I love to cook, I get bored at times.  I love keeping things a bit creative to keep my family from getting bored too.  Even though I frequently cook/bake from scratch, I don't exactly always have the time to whip up gourmet meals every day.  So on the days I don't, I fake it!  With brands like French's this becomes beyond easy!

        French's has a new product available which helps every day families create their favorite restaurant meals at home.  French’s Crunch Time Entrées are available in four flavors, you can create a variety of meals simply with one bag from most local grocery stores.  We received the General Tso’s and Buffalo flavor for review but the other flavors include Sweet & Sour and Chipotle BBQ.  Similar to the French's onions, these have a crunchy coating and packet of authentic restaurant-style sauce.

        Since we are huge on general tso's from pretty much anywhere local and Alana has been craving Chinese for dinner, I decided to go with this one first.  Super easy to make AND quick with honestly very little mess compared to frying up my own crunchy, breaded chicken!  Besides the ease of using these, the entire family LOVED the chicken.  I even had the picky kids complimenting how yummy it tasted!

Available to purchase/Cost: Suggested retail price of $3.49 each French’s Crunch Time Entrées 
Recommendation:  Sure enough both flavors we sampled were great and I expect the rest to be as yummy as these two!  These are great for any style/level cook.   The pricing is pretty good and I'm sure there will be coupons available soon enough.  There are also several great recipes listed on the site as well that I'd recommend checking out.
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  1. This looks really yummy and I will have to try it sometime!


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