Home-Complete Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench Review

        Initially, I was excited to review another product from the brand Home Complete since I have loved all of my previous products from the brand.  This time around they asked me to review their Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench.  I was excited for the simple fact that in the recent move I went from having a nice large walk in closet to a normal lets say standard size closet, which for many women is a difficult transition.

        When I received the package I was pretty pumped, thinking that it would be rather large.  However, upon opening it wasn't as all!  Slowly while assembling I became quite disappointed.  When putting the shoe rack together, the plastic ends both cracked. This is because you have to use a lot of force in order to get the poles to stick in properly and stand sturdy. I was surprised that it cracked so easily (as I'm not exactly super woman)!

        The description states it supports up to 20 pairs of shoes which it most likely will depending on the shoe types and sizes. My feet aren't a small average size so I have a hard time fitting 20 pairs myself.  Stating it is "Made From Stainless Steel and High-Quality Plastic Polymer", not only was I disappointed with the fact that the plastic sides cracked, but it doesn't seem like the rods are even stainless steel.  I would not classify this product as "high quality".

        I can see how it would be great for an entry way to get shoes off the floor and into a designated place. However,  I just don't believe it would last a long time when used frequently. If it cracked when I was just simply trying to put it together could you imagine what damage someone throwing a heavy pair of shoes on it, could do to it?

Available to Purchase/Cost:$24.97 Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench
Recommendation:  Needless to say this product may work for some people and may not depending on how quickly you rotate through shoes and the traffic of the area this is placed in.  That's the one thing I am lucky for as 90% of the time I'm barefoot and the other 10% I'm in flip flops, so I can rest easy knowing my flip flops are safe sound on this organizer!  The price though is not really worth it to me for this type of quality.
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