Old Wives Tail SOS Organic Anti-Hair Loss Mask Review

        Growing up I hated having naturally curly hair.  My family (yes family) would actually "bahhh" at me like a sheep and make fun of me.  It was absolutely terrible!  Throughout the years I have of course learned how to maintain it myself.  Once I discovered flat iron straighteners, I had to have one and for the most part have straightened my hair every day since.  I only now as an adult have started doing my hair curly again here and there.

        I actually ended up with a daughter who has the same hair I did only thicker.  She too hates sporting the curly hair most days so we are constantly on the look out for some great hair styling products which control the frizz.  So when the brand Old Wives Tail contacted me and asked me to do a review for them I was definitely interested.

        Old Wives Tale started with a grandmother's natural recipe and continues generations later.  All OWT products are "high quality, natural, chemical free, environmentally friendly hair care" and of course never tested on animals.  They even refuse to buy supplies from companies that decide to do so themselves and donate 10% of their profits to protect those animals.

        The SOS Organic Anti-Hair Loss Mask was phenomenal for Alana's frizzy hair.  After using it for a few days she actually said to me she wouldn't be using anything else ever again she was that in love with it.  This blend is designed to help strengthen each strand of hair as well as strengthening at the scalp.

        Between all the shedding Alana usually does and how easily my hair breaks because dying it, we figured this would be the perfect mask.  Unfortunately I was never given the chance to try it because she fell in love.  Her hair felt nice and soft after using it and was easily brushed through compared to every other time.

Available to Purchase/Cost: £14.99 GBP SOS Organic Anti-Hair Loss Mask
Recommendation:  I think this is a website to find some high quality products for healthy hair.  The prices are a bit high for my taste but they worked really well for Alana!
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