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     Ok so we all know an important part of being a couponer is sending out requests for samples frequently so we can get the coupons that usually come along with the products.  But what about for the purpose of trying new things as well.  It seems as though the "new thing" is joining a monthly mailing club where you get a whole buffet of items to try out, test, and enjoy before you have to spend the full amount only to find out you dislike a product or the way it works.  The more popular and first of these kinds of mailing clubs or groups I think of are your beer or wine clubs.  The newest company I stumbled across, I am very excited to tell all of you about - Conscious Box.  "Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet"

     I constantly have people asking me whether or not its possible to coupon when buying organic or earth friendly products.  The answer is yes of course.  The main thing is, you need to know what you like and what your looking for (especially when trying to find deals/coupons for the products).  With Conscious Box, you will receive a box at the beginning of each month filled with a plethera of eco responsible products.  Not only do you get to try these items before buying them but you get special savings included in each box.  The items are changed each month and focus around a specific theme based on theme of the month or season.

     One of the exciting things I liked about Conscious Box was discovering new companies I didn't know existed and old ones I didn't know were "ethical, sustainable, and honest businesses that create the purest products available."  All products are 100% vegetarian and even several are vegan.  Each vary from food to beauty products and of course none tested on animals.  Another really cute thing I noticed was my box came with a little postcard explaining all sorts of creative ways to reuse my box once emptied instead of just tossing it into the garbage.

        I also want to add something I felt was an import part of who Conscious Box is:
"Conscious Box is committed to overcoming the problem of green washing. Used to describe deceptive business tactics that lead consumers to believe something is “green” when it really isn't  “green washing” is rampant in today’s markets. We hope to educate, inform, and prevent consumers from falling for these tactics by providing them with products that are authentic and purposeful."
**I have now received several Conscious Boxes and my family is truly in love with them!  Not only do they care about the environment and your family but they care about everyone who is a part of their team (family) which can be anyone from an employee to a blogger to each and every consumer!!

Cost:  $12/mo + $7 Shipping
Available to purchase:  Conscious Box
Recommendation:  I really have to say this is one of those companies and products that makes me feel good about spending my money.  They know there are always new ways to continue improving and changing.  Conscious Box educates their members in every aspect they can come up with.  I liked most of the products from this month and the ones I didn't I was still glad I was able to try.  The kiddos loved trying the new snacks as well as it was a fun way for them to learn.
Facebook:  Conscious Box 
witter @consciousbox

Giveaway:  Conscious Box is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers (3) Monthly Boxes of their own!  

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  1. Hi! Just finished reading about this. One of my favorite things is getting free stuff in my mailbox, but often I've signed up for freebies that aren't great. I would love to try this Eco friendly box sample system just to explore new products. It looks like there's plenty to go around as well. Thanks for the reviews and giveaways.

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