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        You know when I first heard about a new movie coming to DVD from Arc Entertainment called Frozen in Time, I was thinking it would possibly be a little similar to the other popular movie with a similar name.  I had no idea what it was really about or how the boys would enjoy it.  On November 11th, 2014, Arc Entertainment released Frozen in Time on DVD!

        The synopsis says "Young siblings Eric and Patty are about to take off on a thrilling, and chilling, adventure! After damaging their grandfather’s most treasured possession, a strange clock, they throw the whole world into a crazy time continuum, where Christmas day is repeated over and over. The only way they can restore order is to travel to the North Pole and repair the clock in Santa’s workshop. With less than a day to go, Eric, Patty, and Grandfather frantically zip off to the frozen wonderland. All they have to do is figure out the complicated solution, carefully mend the clock, and get back home in time to fix Christmas!"

        Similar to the child's version of Groundhogs Day (which P.S. I thought was the most annoying movie ever made), the kiddos actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  It had a very cute idea and the kids in the film had to save the day.  The boys truly enjoyed it in a way I hadn't expected and have been watching it since it arrived!

SRP: $20.99
Recommendation:  I thought the story line was awesome as not only did it have the action to keep the boys interested but the overall lesson was a good one.  I was a bit disappointed in the pricing though as this one seemed a bit costly.
Genre: Family
Running Time: 46 min.
Rated: G
Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 16x9
Audio Format: DD 5.1
UPC #: 796019828727
Catalog #: 82874

Giveaway:  Arc Entertainment is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a copy of Frozen in Time on DVD to have of their own!  All 3 forms found below:
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  1. I start my holiday shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I am definitely not a last minute shopper, because I can't handle the stress of trying to get everything last minute. I like to be done shopping the first week of December.

  2. I start my shopping usually in July and get little things here and there. By December I've forgotten I've bought certain things!

  3. I want to see the DVD Frozen In Time with our son. He is just getting interested in movies and we could watch it as a family. It would be good, clean entertainment for a Friday night family night.

  4. I normally try to be a planner,but sometimes plans fall through.I basically shop from August all the way right up to the week of Christmas.I pick up things when out,do layaways and order online right up to the day itself lol


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