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        It's funny because a lot of times, I look at my career choice now as a writer/blogger and feel as if it is no where close to what I started as in college as a Mechanical Engineer.  I was a huge car buff and always wanted in on something in the field.  In all reality, the things I do as a blogger tie into the same technology I used as an engineer way back when.  I am just on a different side of it.

        With that being said I was recently given the opportunity to visit one of 50 Best Buy stores around the country which provided an in store Intel Experience.  Can you say exciting?  I actually just hope they bring this to more of the local stores since mine wasn't exactly a hop, skip and jump away.

        When looking into purchasing these new technologies, the decisions can be very difficult since a lot of today's shopping is done online.  It's hard to get the same feel of what the product you are buying will be like if you can't see it in action and actually test it out.  It's because of this that Best Buy has teamed up with Intel to bring the new Intel Technology Experience zones in store to Best Buys around the country.

        With each Intel Technology Experience Zone averaging 240 square feet, there is tons (and I mean tons) to check out.  There are awesome gadgets for all types of people.  Gamer's can play with the virtual reality games available, small business owners might enjoy the 3D printing activities, or music enthusiasts (and DJ's) can actually try mixing up their own beats.

        There truly isn't anything like having the chance to try something with your own hands before you buy it.  Giving you the ability to learn exactly how this technology is going to work for you or your business.  I was amazed at all the technology there AND how easy it was to try it all out.  As if the amount they had available wasn't enough, Intel is planning on refreshing "the venues with a new array of technology experiences" for each season.

        Each location should be "staffed by specially trained Best Buy Blue Shirts to answer questions and help customers make the most of each area within the experience."  My experience was great and not only was the staff beyond helpful and knowledgeable, they were excited to help and share all about each product.

        Best Buys has definitely exceed my expectations yet again!  As I said before, I am just hoping they will bring this experience to more Best Buy locations so it is easier to check everything out.  For more information about the Intel Technology Experience areas, including a list of stores, visit

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