NEATO Cell Phone Customizable Skins Review

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        Ok, so having a teenager nowadays is a pain in so many ways.  While I love the unique styles of this generation, it can be quite difficult to keep up with their constantly changing trends.  With technology now factored into life, it's even more difficult.  Alana of course was one of the last kids around to get an iPhone, she made sure we knew that each time we said no.  We finally got her one this past Summer.

        But getting her the phone was only the beginning, she then had to have a case and of course we got her a good case which was quite expensive.  I think we watched her use it a total of maybe a week because it just "wasn't cool".  She wanted something else to fit her style and tastes that week.  Then she wanted another and another when those weren't cool.  You can imagine how costly this can get and just plain obnoxious as a parent.

        When given the opportunity to review the products over at Neato, I started to get pretty pumped and mostly for myself.  I was hopeful this meant the end of my shopping for phone cases!  NEATO Skins are custom made by you cell phone skins that can be changed out any time.  I was sent over the starter kit which included 5 Blank Skins, Paper Test Sheet, Instructions, Online Design, Software Access Code, and a clear device case.

        Each starter kit is designed for your specific phone model so be sure to order the correct one.  You get to decide what you want your case to look like each time by picking the design, photo, text and so much more.  You then, print on the special skin and stick to the back of your phone.  Cover with the clear plastic case voila, you have a brand new personalized case!

        Alana, absolutely loved this more than I think any other review product I've gotten before.  She is able to change the skins with pictures of her friends or match her homecoming dress.  It's great for her and all her friends are quite jealous!
Available to purchase/Cost:  $19.95 Skins Starter Kit 
Recommendation:  I think this is totally worth every penny if you have one of the phone models they carry.  I plan on purchasing a refill pack for Alana for Christmas at this point since these are cheaper than most any cases let alone ones you can personalize!
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