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The Bouqs Company
        When Kevin and I first started dating and we're spending all our time together getting to know each other, we of course did the 20 questions of our likes and dislikes.  I made a huge mistake in one of these conversations by telling him that I didn't like getting flowers.  I barely even remember telling him this but I know what I meant is that I wasn't one of those girls that needed flowers all the time.

        Now I NEVER get flowers and after 8 years of marriage I can probably count on both my hands the number of times I've gotten flowers.  The thing is though that Kevin pays an amazing amount of attention to detail when I do get them.  They always include my favorite flowers in the colors I love.

        When The Bouqs had an opportunity to review their flower delivery, I figured it was perfect timing with our annual Halloween party coming up as well as sweetest day!  What's special about this brand that you won't find with your other typical flower delivery brands, is that their flowers are grown on the side of a volcano, literally.

        They "source only from eco-friendly, sustainable farms that respect the environment and their workers".  And, they don't cut flowers until they are sold so nothing is wasted, or old and dying when it arrives at your door!  I was sent over the Great Pumpkin which I picked out in the original bouquet including 16 Lily Blooms.

        When mine arrived it had over 20 buds, none of which were bloomed yet so I knew I was getting the freshest set to display in my home.  This bouquet was beautifully fresh and perfect for the fall holiday season.  After a whopping 2 weeks this finally started wilting and dying which is amazing!  Most bouquets barely last a few days when I've ordered them in the past.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $40 The Great Pumpkin Flower Arrangement
Recommendation:  I think not only is this a great company with great standards, I was beyond impressed with the bouquet I received.  It lasted a long time and looked amazing.  This is the type of product I would want to send over to someone knowing the quality they will be getting.
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