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        I am always looking for creative ways to clean up, declutter and organize.  My "thing" has always been organization (especially before having kids).  Diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), I feel the need to put everything in a specific place in a specific order.  This has always helped me in my education and different careers.  I label everything for a specific place and come from a woman (my mother) who uses post-it notes like they are a daily survival necessity.

        With moving into a new home recently, we've been trying to of course start off clean and organized.  Not only are we going with new and fresh decor but we are trying to get in the habit of being much more organized as the kids are getting old enough now to take on those responsibilities.

        I was recently given an awesome opportunity to work with the brand Three by Three during the back to school season and thankfully they loved working together as much as I did and sent me over some additional products for the new house AND holidays.  This time around I was able to review their dry erase channel panel + planner and the chained up! ball chain + magnet display.

        After the last review, I can honestly say I've been sharing their unique style with everyone I know (especially my teacher friends).  The dry erase channel panel + planner was absolutely perfect for our main hallway in the home.  Every one passes by it each day so it is perfect for adding our weekly schedules and meetings.

        This has a beautiful bamboo dry-erase surface with a stainless steel magnetic strip which organizes the matching hooks and cup for marker or other small item storage.  It also has a top packet area for quick drop items like post-its or bills, or whatever you might choose to store.  I especially love the memo section as there is tons of room to leave quick notes to each other!

        Being perfect for the holiday season, the chained·up! ball chain + magnet display is five foot long ball chain which comes with 8 "Superstrong magnets".  This is perfect for hanging photos throughout the year and during the holiday season, greeting cards look adorable displayed any where you choose to hang this.  The cool thing is this can be hung straight up and down, curved across a mirror possibly or tightly horizontally across any area.

Cost/Available to purchase: $80 dry erase channel panel + planner 
$10 chained up! ball chain + magnet display 
Recommendation:  These are a great way to organize any area!  I love all the stylish products this brand has all at very affordable prices.  I think their unique styles are right in line with the trends of any household and I would definitely recommend checking out everything they have!
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Giveaway:  Three by Three is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a chained up! ball chain + magnet display  to get organized this holiday!
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  1. I love anything that helps to organize! What a cool product, I could totally see myself putting this up in our control room aka kitchen!

  2. The food is always memorable through the years! Love Christmas Dinners!

  3. My first fave holiday was Christmas 91 right after I had my first son, it was so special to be a first time mom, I felt so blessed and in such awe and amazement..now it is Thanksgiving, as I am so thankful and grateful to have my precious 4 miracles, I love the fall weather, and I am a football girl!!

  4. When I was 5 I got a "walking" doll, who was as tall as I was! It was the best!

  5. I remember visiting my friends soon after waking and we'd compare gifts.

  6. It looks really big but reminds me of another organizer I saw.

  7. I loved opening our gifts and then heading to my grandparents for breakfast with all of my cousins. Everyone is so scattered now it is hard to get together.

  8. My favorites memories have just been getting the whole family together at one time and with a son in the army and a daughter in the navy we have not done that in a while but this year we will all be together so this may be the best holiday i have had in a long time im so excited


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