Comfort Revolution The Hydraluxe Cool Case Review

Comfort Revolution
        When Comfort Revolution contacted me to review The Hydraluxe Cool Case I was pretty excited as my husband it quite picky about how he sleeps. He constantly wakes up sweating like crazy in the middle of the night causing him to toss and turn all night long.  Then, of course this keeps me awake half the night.  I was thrilled to give something new a try!

        The Hydraluxe Cool Case is a pillowcase with a cooling gel technology.  The pillow case comes available in different sizes to fit any size pillow you might have such as standard, queen, and king sizes.  Be forewarned that the pillow case may initially have an odor but this is common for the new gel.  Mine had a slight but not overpowering one when first opened.  I would recommend letting it air out a few hours before putting it on your pillow.

        Like I said before, I was SUPER excited to get this for my husband.  I've noticed since receiving this not only is he sleeping better, but (listen closely ladies) he's even snoring less!!  He finds it to be very comfortable and his only complaint is that it's a little heavy weighing down his actual pillow. He's said he feels more rested when having to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning for work since starting to use this.

        Phil has even mentioned he noticed that he has not been waking up with sinus headaches as he has frequently in the past.  Now of course we can't necessarily claim it is 100% from the pillow, but we've definitely noticed that since he started sleeping with pillow case he has noticed an improvement overall with all these previous issues.  I love that this can be easily removed for cleaning too since we all know how dirty men can be.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $19.99 Standard Hydraluxe Cool Case
Recommendation:  First off this is an inexpensive pillow case considering the technology.  It is very comfortable to sleep on and is very helpful for sleeping more sound, night sweaters, and even for sick/feverish babies.  Plus when you think about the fact that you don't have to grab an ice pack from the freezer or replace it every 15 minutes it really is worth the purchase.  I'd love to try one of their other products too!
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