MagicMIL Night Light With Color Changing And Automatic Digital Temperature Display Review

        With constantly looking for ways to encourage the boys to sleep in their own room, you can be sure any type of special lighting catches our eyes. Which leads me to the next product review... I recently worked with the brand MagicMIL on their Chalkboard labels and while researching them, I discovered what seemed to be a pretty cool night light.  Thankfully they agreed to work with me again on their Night Light With Color Changing And Automatic Digital Temperature Display.

        As I mention, we had planned on using this one for the boys room being that it was color changing and had a unique style.  However, once it arrived, we realized how unbelievable cool this was and that it might be a better "gift" for the adults in our household.  This bad boy gives you the ability to know what the temperature of the room is just by looking at the soft color glow!

        With an accurate thermometer (+/-2 degrees F) that reads across a digital LCD display or by changing color to match the temperature range.  This lightweight night light can be plugged in or charged via it's micro USB connector and rechargeable lithium battery for up to 45 hours.  Using the LED lights, this is energy saving and can be even turned off with a single click.  Made of a silicon material, the glow looks soft and soothing.

        I decided this was something I wanted kept in my bedroom instead of the boys.  Not only are we downstairs so our temps are a little more unpredictable but I have to wear glasses in order to see and read.  This way I can tell the temp. just by glancing at the color in the middle of the night instead of putting my glasses on or having to get out of bed to check.

Available to purchase/Cost: $39.95 Night Light LED with Temperature Display & Responsive Color-Changing
Recommendation:  This is a very cute idea and alternative to your traditional plug night lights or room decorations.  Its also priced very reasonably and would make as a great gift for just about any one you can think of.  I love how eco-friendly it is as well as how it goes with any decor.
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