Dr. Marder Skincare Total Relief Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Dr. Marder Skincare
        So about ten months ago, something very strange started changing for me.  My hair and skin has started to become very oily and greasy, yet dried out and (my head) flaky.  NEVER in my life have I had issues with something like this.  My hair (even though frequently dyed) has always been soft without dandruff and I could even go for several days without washing it and still no grease.

        Now, I have no idea what was happening and I even asked my doctor who said it was contact dermatitis.  Unfortunately, I am allergic to tons of things and have very sensitive skin.  After quite a bit of work it went away but is coming back now again.  I am sure it has to be the change to well water now in the new house.  Regardless it has been driving me nuts and honestly just grossing me out!  My head and skin have been itching like crazy!  This is only in one area of my scalp.
        Being the naturalist that I am I've tried every natural solution I could think of with zero improvement.  I then even tried the over the counter products hoping to find a some relief and still nothing helped me.  As luck would have it I was recently asked to review Total Relief Shampoo and Conditioner from Dr. Marder Skincare which "is the first ever over the counter dandruff system to combine Hydrocortisone in it".
        The shampoo is made with Hydrocortisone to help the itch and the conditioner is made with Zinc Pyrithione which has both antibacterial and antifungal properties.  The shampoo and conditioner should not only relieve the itching you have but the flakiness as well. The first time I tried this I was a bit weary as in the shower my hair felt rough and not very conditioned.
        However, after the shower my hair felt silky smooth and I loved the refreshing smell.  I wish I could describe it with a specific scent but it literally smelled fruity yet like I was on vacation.  Within the first few washes, experienced relief from the itch.  It was amazing when being applied to my head and very stress relieving in a nice warm shower.

Available to Purchase/Cost: $29.99 Each Shampoo and Conditioner
Recommendation:  I thought this was great and very easy to use!  My hair felt soft after and I experienced relief right away.  I do think it is crazy expensive though for just a shampoo or conditioner though.
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