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        With the boys being significantly younger than Alana (10 years apart), we have a hard time getting them to understand why she gets certain gifts and privileges that they don't.  This happens especially during the holiday season and during the school breaks.  Both Dane and Declan have always been very into music and I think having a natural musical talent like their Father.  However, they still aren't to the age that I want to head out and buy them the same expensive gadgets that their teenage sister has.

        Thankfully, they both have old iPod's of Alana's to listen to music and play games.  So when I was asked if I'd be interested in reviewing the Qramz Charms,  I figured it would appropriately aged technology for the both of them. Qramz Charms are charms designed for children of all ages which can be worn on anything they want to add a little flare and personality to.  I chose the Orange New Black Starter Set and the Beats Starter Set.  I purposely picked the two sets for both of them based on their interests, age, and favorite colors.
Animal      Starter
        Dane especially love these because he finally had a set of head phones which were only his as well as being able to add the Qramz to his shoes and backpack for school.  He seems to be enjoying coordinating the Qramz with what he's wearing that day OR based on his "music mood" or so my deep 6 year old says.  Declan has been happy to have his own set but more importantly that he doesn't have to wait hours for his turn to share something with his older siblings.  He definitely enjoy switching out the Qramz as much as Dane.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $10.99 Charm Starter Set 
Recommendation:   I think these are all great and a really cheap novelty too!  I think that if you have a lil one who enjoys changing things up this would make a very inexpensive gift this Christmas!   I would even recommend buying these items in bulk for a party or event!
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