How to Talk to Your Child About Santa Claus Book Review

        If you celebrate Christmas, there is absolutely nothing like waking up Christmas morning and seeing the magic you once felt on the faces of your little ones.  Even as an adult I still feel like there is a special magically glow over the holiday that no one can explain.

        For me and my family personally, Christmas has always been one of the big special holidays.  We have tons of traditions that seem to have been carried down over the last few generations.  So when I was asked to review the book, How to Talk to Your Child About Santa Claus, I knew it would be something that would really help our family as the boys get older and more knowledgeable.

        The synopsis says, "There are a few questions parents universally fear hearing their children ask, and one of them is about you know who—Santa Claus.  But what if answering this question doesn’t have to lead to anger and resentment? What if, instead, you can form an important bond with your child as you tell the remarkable story of a man named Nicholas? What if, together, you and your child can learn the true meaning of generosity and the importance of tradition?"

        We've feared the questioning about Santa for quite some time now as Dane is just too perspective of a child.  When he began asking questions two years ago, we decided to start the Elf on the Shelf to avoid the topic initially.  Now of course there have been even more questions.  I love how this book helps BOTH children and adults understand Christmas from all angles.

$9.88 How to Talk to Your Child About Santa Claus (How To Handle Difficult Topics With Your Child) (Volume 1)

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