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        Growing up, there was always one holiday I knew I could count on my family celebrating.  Christmas has always been a special holiday for my family.  Starting November 1st each year, my parents would begin the tradition of putting up 300,000+ Christmas lights on the outside of the home and some pretty insane decor inside and out.  At one point, I remember my father having to head to the store to purchase a generator to support all the electrical while doing so!  Between growing up with parents who went all out for Christmas and loving the season myself, I've found a ton of pressure to "keep up with the Jone's" myself.

        Even though the Jone's seem to be my parents, I hate to disappoint my kids when Mom and Dad don't do go all out like their grandparents do.  Let's also be honest, I live in Michigan and it's virtually impossible to find a time that's perfect to put up Christmas lights without freezing to death!  Lately, the Fall season means it's always cold or rainy and this year we are lucky it seems to NOT have an inch of snow on the ground.
        Who really wants to spend hours putting up Christmas lights in this kind of weather?!  Not me that's for sure!  So when Kevin and I discovered the Night Stars Landscape Lighting from Viatek, we fell in love right away. Then, when Viatek agreed to work together this holiday season, we knew right away what we wanted to review of course.

        This awesome gadget is the size of any other small landscape light and works just as easy!  Projecting "points of brightly colored lights" onto any surface you can imagine!  Not only does this add color and an awe inspiring atmosphere but it simplifies the work it takes to create this type of environment.  Parties, holiday decorating, and special events just got that much easier.  This took us literally seconds to put up and our yard looked as if we had spent hours putting up lights.  The boys (and our light obsessed dogs) loved it!

        This lighting not only keeps my family's holidays a bit more green friendly using less energy than the equivalent amount of string lighting each year, it fits our unique style and decor.  We haven't even begun putting the rest of our Christmas decorations up, and yet our home looks majestic already.
Available to purchase/Cost: $129.99 Night Stars Landscape Lights 
Recommendation:  This is definitely an amazing way to decorate for any occasion.  The only issue I have is the cost of something like this to purchase.  I'd love to see it at a more reasonable price as we have discussed wanting to buy a ton more!
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