Cooper and Kid Monthly Subscription Kit Review

Father's Day
        As a work from home Mother of two boys, finding ways to keep them entertained can be very difficult.  Being the first one in my family to have a boy in decades and coming from a large family of females, I now understand there are major differences.  On the weekends my husband tries to spend tons of time with the boys since they are normally with me while he works over an hour from the house.

        Over the holiday season I discovered an awesome brand which was absolutely perfect for our household dynamic.  Thankfully Cooper and Kids agreed to work with me on a review for the perfect Daddy Son time for the "boys" in our family.  I have to start out saying that I screwed up a bit on this review as when it first arrived, I set it aside thinking it would be saved for a nice weather day.

        The kit I received was the Wilderness Walkabout which I felt would be perfect for warmer weather.  Not only did the day not come, but the weather progressively has gotten colder since then.  I honestly, forgot about the product until yesterday and that is a huge mistake in the life of a reviewer!  So I do want to say I am sorry to the brand and my readers.  While they didn't explore outside just yet, the review is still 100% honest.

        The problem with today's children and spending that same quality time together is that technology has seemed to get in the way.  It is the same as sending the boys fishing for the weekend or where kids spend hours outside in the summer riding their bikes or playing in the yard.  Cooper and Kid Monthly Kits are the modern day Dad solution.

        Our Wilderness Walkabout included a bunch of items the boys needed to go out exploring.  We camp a lot so it would be perfect for one of those trips but we also live in a very rural area where wilderness is never far.  The boys thought it was really cool that the kit included survival food (just in case they get lost) and they loved the Curious George book which they were able to read in preparation for the trip outside.

        Designed for kids ages 5-9, it is perfect for my two boys.  While, we still were unable to explore the outdoors at this time, the boys were able to sit with Daddy and learn a few tricks and tips together.  They even then set up a little tent inside and had a pretend camp trip last weekend while I was out shopping with Alana.  It was so nice to see them spend time offline and without a gaming system together!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $65 + $13 S/H Per Quarterly Monthly Subscription (3 months at a time)
Recommendation:  I think this is fairly inexpensive for a monthly kit which included quite a bit.  All three months together are supposed to have a value of over $100.  This way you should be getting more than your money's worth, with a box coming each month.  I was a bit disappointed to find you could only order this in three month subscriptions as most have a one month trial at least but the brand informed me you can cancel at any time (even after that first month).
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