Hamilton Dog Collars Review

        I cannot remember if I've share with my readers the fact that I am not allowed to go into a pet store anywhere on the weekends.  After many years of working in one as well as volunteering for rescues for several years, I've come to just love having pets.  They are part of what makes us a family.  I also have a hard time seeing the adoptable's that are presented on the weekends and it is almost always a guarantee I would come home with one, which is why my husband made the rule a few years back.

        Just like having a baby, there are essentials when it comes to properly taking care of your pets.  One of the biggest factors in my opinion is getting them spayed or neutered and properly vaccinated.  The next is always having your cats as indoor pets to keep them safe and from straying as well as having a fence or keeping the dogs on a leash when outdoors.

        Regardless of the home we are in, all my pet's must have a collar from the time the are brought into the family.  I want to make sure they get used to wearing one as well as are protected with their information in case anything should accidentally happen.  Having three large breed dogs in the house can be quite tricky though when it comes to anything lasting more than a month.

        Thankfully, I was asked by Hamilton to review a couple of their collars.  I wish I had taken a picture of the old collars before I threw them away to show you how pitiful they looked.  The dogs are always playing rough and of course chewing on each others collars.  I was thrilled when the Hamilton Collars arrived as they were obviously of high quality.

        Not only was it obvious these were going to last for quite some time even with my dogs but I felt as if they were going to keep my pups a bit safer.  Made using "only the highest quality durable nylon webbing, thread and hardware", the dogs can wear these around the house comfortably and when on a leash.  I absolutely love the way they look in these too! :)

Cost/Available to purchase: $Varies depending on size and style of collar 
Recommendation:  As if you couldn't tell, I think these are extremely well made and are sure to last even the toughest dogs.  When looking at the pricing, they seem almost under priced for such quality which makes them affordable to anyone.  If you have a pet I recommend getting them one of these!
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