Kids Maple Tree Tapping Kit Review

        With all my crazy green friendly crafts and hippy homesteading, I had never thought about making my own syrup.  Then, when we moved this past fall into farmhouse with lots of property, I started brainstorming all the ways we could live off the land and become self sufficient.  A friend from grade school happened to live up the road and he was doing this himself with his two children.  When I found out what he was actually doing drilling into his tree with all sorts of tubing, I knew it would something fun the boys and I could do in the spring.

        As luck would have it Clovers Garden Center asked if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their Kids Maple Tree Tapping Kit.  Uh, yes of course, I was just thinking about doing this!  Not only is it a fun craft for us as a family, who doesn't love some good ole maple syrup pancakes for breakfast.  Using this kit we can brag to others who come for breakfast that it's our special recipe!  The kit includes everything you need to get started in your own backyard - five pre-assembled spiles and food-grade tubing, full-color children's book with adult how-to section, take-along instruction sheet, and cone filter.
        First thing in the spring we will be drilling a small hole in several of our trees.  Once the weather is right and the sap begins flowing, I can recycle my old milk jugs (rinsed of course) to collect the sap.  Each day we will be able to collect our progress and boil the sap away to make our very own homemade breakfasts!  I cannot wait and neither can the kids!

Cost/Available to purchase: $34.97 Kids Maple Tree Tapping Kit - Taps and Tubes Kit - Fun and Educational Maple Sugaring Kit
Recommendation:   The costs of these kits are really reasonable especially when you factor in all the learning that goes into it.  Plus, you and your children are spending time creating something completely from the land!  I wish I could tell you how this has worked but we won't know until Spring so look for an update!   I think this would make for a great gift and early summer craft once the kids are out of school or for the weekends!

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  1. My nephews would love doing this. I had never even thought of it; I just assumed it was some hugely complicated process!


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