NuvoCig Electronic Cigarette Deluxe Kit Review

So anyone who has known me at any point in my life, they all know how much I despise smoking!  It has always been one of the most disgusting habits in my eyes that anyone can do.  Yet for some reason, I am surrounded by smokers!  Most of my friends through college smoked, my mother and sister both have smoked most of my life, and now my husband is a smoker.

Now over time I have learned I cannot do anything to change other peoples habits but when it comes to my own husband, I feel like I should continuously try show my support as he tries to quit.  Unfortunately he has tried this several times but no matter how long he quits for or what method he uses, he still seems to go back during times of stress.

Because I want him to stop smoking for good, I try to show my support as much as possible.  I was recently asked to review the products from NuvoCig and I was thrilled with the timing.  Being a time of year where everyone makes resolutions and with the holidays over, I knew it would be an easier time for Kevin to try something different.

"NuvoCig is an electronic cigarette"  The device allows someone like Kevin to feel as if he is smoking a true cigarette while eliminating the side effects.  This reduction in side effects benefit both the smoker and non smokers around them.  While I wanted to share some exact statistics on the NuvoCig, the company has done a poor job of completing their FAQ section, making it difficult to get you some true answers.

I can tell you Kevin was pretty impressed with the elaborate plug in system and how it works for hours on one charge.  The additional flavor cartridges he received in addition to regular tobacco flavor, he enjoyed quite a bit.  Because I won't allow him to smoke in the house, cars, or really anywhere near where the children are, this has been a huge help in aiding his addiction.  He has especially enjoyed this on his hour+ drive to and from work!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $59.99 NuvoCig Electronic Cigarette Deluxe Kit 
Recommendation: You can't put a price on your loved ones health, so in my opinion this is well worth the purchase.  I just wish I could find some additional information so I would know truly what the effects and benefits are with switching over.  The cost is beyond cheap when calculate how much you are saving by not having to purchase box after box.

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