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There's nothing more in life I want than to be a mother.  My husband and I have been trying since we got married almost five years ago with out any luck. I discussed the issue with my doctor when it hit around two years of zero luck and unfortunately his response was keep trying.  With my doctor being an older gentleman with more traditional medical beliefs, this was a disappointing response.  Regardless, I was not planning on giving up.  Still being young when we first started trying and not knowing my body and cycle more than it's regularity, this has been quite the roller coaster for us.

There have been quite a few tears and fights over not being pregnant yet.  There are so many ups and downs when it comes to trying.  A big one is not knowing if we are compatible and with these issues running on both sides of our family, it is a likely situation.  Placing blame doesn't help but with the frustration and number of negative tests it seems inevitable every once in a while.

Unfortunately, knowing that I was diagnosed a while back with having a cervical ablation when I was younger, I was terrified to go see a doctor again and for something life changing.  I was terrified to hear the words that I'm not able to have children and dreaded hearing it might not be in the cards for the two of us.  So when I was asked if I wanted to review the Stork OTC, I knew it would be a huge help.  Beyond the financial help of having something over the counter versus the expensive costs of A.I., this is less invasive.

"The Stork OTC is a home-use conception aid that combines an innovative applicator and an established conception technique — cervical cap insemination."  I'm completely stoked to use the Stork OTC Home Conception Aid.  I don't have to feel nervous or violated in any way.  My husband and I can share in the moment privately and I can even purchase this at a reasonable cost at my local CVS.  It doesn't get any easier to obtain or more private than in your own home.  This product has seriously shown up in my life at the right time!

Available to purchase/Cost:   $ 79.99 Stork OTC
Recommendation:  This is a great purchase if you are trying to conceive or know someone close to you who is.  It is much more convenient, private and affordable than the alternative.  Hopefully I will have some good news for you all in a few months!!!  Keep your fingers crossed!
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  1. I am highly interested in getting the Stork Otc but, Im still skeptical about it, I cant find any reviews to save my life !!! Any luck ?


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