Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Utensil Rack Review

        Trying to get your house organized?  I am always looking for creative ways to clean up, de-clutter and organize especially now that we've moved into a new home.  First of all, I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and am very particular about everything having a place and function.  I have more kitchen utensils than I know what to do with!  I just can't help but continue to add to my gadgets since I love cooking from scratch so frequently!

        I've been trying to get everything in my kitchen updated as well as matching since the move.  So when Pro Chef Kitchen Tools asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Multi-function 23" Polished Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Utensil Rack with 10 S Hooks, I knew it would be perfect for my measuring cups that had been sitting on my counter top since we moved in.

        Made of a brushed stainless steel and using 10 (2" long) S-Hooks, you can organize just about anything you can think of with this bar.  While I decided to mount this to my cabinet in my kitchen, it can be used it other areas like the bathroom or laundry room and more.  I love how sturdy it is and how beautiful my stainless measuring cups look displayed on it in my kitchen.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $54.95 Pro Chef Multi-function 23" Polished Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Utensil Rack with 10 S Hooks
Recommendation:  Not only is this a great quality, it has truly helped both organize and style my kitchen.  I love the look and honestly can't wait to see what else Pro Chef has in store for customers like me!
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