Quaker Pet Group: Go Dog Bedzzz and Hear Doggy Review

Part 1: Go Dog Bedzzz
        Being that I have two very loving dogs that absolutely love to be cozy with each other as well as with us, I was more than pumped when I was was asked to review Go Dog Bedzzz by Quaker Pet Group!  My oldest dog Dakota (11 year old boxer/pitbull mix) and Patches (6 year old beagle), are very snobby when it comes to their bedding!  We have gone through countless beds and blankets trying to find something they both like AND more importantly, won't chew up and destroy!

        Usually my furry babies get blankets to sleep on in our room at night since we keep them out of the crate in the evening.  Now we've replaced their old nasty comforters with the Go Dog Bedzzz.  With GO Dog Bedzzz you have two styles to choose from (Shag and Bubble) as well as two colors in each.  Having darker color pups, I went with the brown bed and the super soft shag style.  Each of the six sizes fits most standard crates so it can be used during the day time in the crate as well (which we've been doing).

        I have to say I'm pretty happy over all with my choice in product.  Neither dogs have chewed the bed or tried to destroy it in any way yet.  Randi's dogs have been having a blast cuddling with her kiddos in the beds as they tend to lay together quite frequently.  Getting something that the dogs enjoy that actually lasts is a goal in itself!

Part 2: HEAR DOGGY!®
        As you know we have a few rules in our household when it comes to toys and the things we allow our furry family members to have.  Usually we have a ZERO fluff and squeaker rule in the house because of how obnoxious they both can be when our dogs get a hold of toys as such.  It is because of this that we were more than thrilled to review the line of dog toys called HEAR DOGGY!® by Quaker Pet Group.

        This collection consists of ultrasonic plush toys with a squeaker that ONLY your dog can hear!  Yes, you heard me won't hear a thing!  Your dog can have a blast playing all day and night thinking they are making the noise of a lifetime.  Meanwhile, you can sleep, YOUR children can nap, and everyone can watch the TV without having to turn the volume up louder than the irritating dog toy.

        "Hear Doggy! toys are available in 2 plush designs: Stuffed toys and Flats which contain no messy stuffing in the body.  These worked just as well as they said they would as I never heard a thing.  Best yet, the toy I was sent to review was a stuffing free so I never even had to deal with the mess!  I could not believe how much Rayne and Jager loved the new toy.  I found them constantly playing a gentle tag-o-war with it as well as tossing it between each other.

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Recommendation:  Totally love both of these products especially the dog toys.  I will be buying these toys from here on out especially for the low price you can purchase them for.  The dog beds are beyond sure to last in both of our households so I can't say I see us having to buy another one soon but again the Quaker Pet Group has tons for every furry family member!
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