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       Before blogging and over the course of the last couple years I have tried to transition my family into a much greener world.  I know first hand how harmful some of the every day chemicals we use in our homes can be and how they can affect our families health.  Bedding has been an are which I have wanted to update since really getting into the green movement.

       We of course want to be comfortable when we sleep but we also need to be aware of other issues which can be affected by bedding such as allergies.  Thankfully I was able to connect with the brand BedVoyage and they sent me over one of their Duvet Covers to review.  Creating an eco-luxury bamboo collection, BedVoyage carries everything bedding related from crib sheets and king size sheet sets to towels and duvet covers.

       Most people might not realize that most bedding is made using petroleum based micro-fibers, dyes, and formaldehyde treated cottons.  After hearing this I'm sure you will happy to know that BedVoyage linens are made from organically grown bamboo fibers using a closed-loop system (which essentially means everything is reused as much as possible).  Never will you find their products contain any formaldehyde or flame retardants such as Antimony Trioxide.

       Being such an eco-enthusiast, I have learned that these are the factors that make a true difference in our health.  Unfortunately, I am one of "those" people, I am ALWAYS sick! I have the worst immune system in the world and have allergies to everything under the sun.  I knew this would be one of the biggest factors for me.  Between the allergic reactions to chemicals, illnesses, and asthma, I wanted a bedding set that would be one of the best of it's kind when it comes to the brands eco-friendly standards.

       I absolutely love how soft bamboo feels on the skin and sleeping in it feels like pure luxury.  We have also noticed feeling much more comfortable with our body temperatures.  When the boys (aka sweat boxes) crawl into bed with us, we still feel comfortable with the sleeping temperature. This is because bamboo actually helps regulate temperature.  Waking up in the morning has been difficult only because of the ultimate comfort we feel!

Available to purchase/Cost: $199 Duvet Cover - King - Champagne / Ivory
Recommendation:  As if you couldn't tell from the review, but I definitely recommend making the transition into the green bedding world!  While I do feel this is an expensive cost, it is worth every penny.  Not only are you sleeping healthier but you are going to feel much more comfortable AND the quality should last some time.
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Giveaway:  BedVoyage is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Queen Size Champagne/Cayenne Duvet Cover to have of their own!

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  1. The BedVoyage Duvet Cover sounds wonderful. I could really use this. I do need Queen Size too.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I would like to have a new blanket cover for our bed, the one we have on there now is getting all worn out. And it needs some sewing done to it also, would like to see what this awesome Duvet Cover looks like-

  3. This link wouldn't work.

  4. The Reviews link was not right.

  5. I would love the duvet cover! I'm kind of obsessed with bedding!!

  6. I love the color of the Sky Duvet. I have a shirt that is bamboo and cotton, and I love the feel of it, & how the feel gets silkier.

  7. I'm most excited about the BedVoyage Duvet Cover. This would be useful and pretty in my bedroom. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. love to get some new bedding for sure. thankyou, ken

  9. I too have a terrible immune system, and awful allergies to boot. I love hearing that these are eco-friendly.

  10. I would love to have this duvet cover. We are repainting a bedroom and it would be so nice to have new bedding!

  11. I would love to get some new bedding! Plus, this is gorgeous!

  12. This is my favorite. I've been wanting to try bamboo bedding for quite a while. I've heard that it's very soft and comfortable.

  13. I completed the first entry and nothings happening. Is there only one task for this contest?

  14. I am most excited about the duvet cover. We could really need a new one.


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