KidzPhonz™ Express Yourself™ Headphones Review and #Giveaway

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        With the boys being significantly younger than Alana (10 years apart), we have a hard time getting them to understand why she gets certain products and privileges that they don't.  The boys are always bugging her for her headphones especially.  Both Dane and Declan have always been very into music and I think having a natural musical talent like their Father.  However, they still aren't to the age that I want to head out and buy them the same expensive gadgets that their teenage sister has.

        Most head phones just aren't very kid friendly and if they are something the kids could use, they are beyond costly, too much to take the chance they might break them.  So when I was asked if I'd be interested in reviewing Kidz Phonz, I knew it would be perfect for my two anxious boys.  I figured it would appropriately aged technology for the both of them.

        They were both excited to finally have their own.  Kidz Phonz are compatible with most any device  and the ear cups are made so your child can create their own style and change it whenever they feel the need to.  You can choose from a variety of colors and each are adjustable to perfectly fit little and big heads (like Dane's).  Having two boys and only one of these pair of headphones has been quite the challenge because they like wearing the set so much that they actually fight over them.

        It's nice to finally have headphones they don't complain about falling out every two minutes.  It's also nice when we don't want to listen to their games as they play on our phones.  Also, for long car rides to like to Grandma's, it keeps them entertained so that there's no fighting in the car between them and they can sit and watch the DVD's using the headphones.  Dane especially love these because he finally had a set of head phones which were only his.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $19.95 Kidz Phonz 
Recommendation:   I think these are great and a really inexpensive for the quality as well!  I think that if you have a lil one who enjoys music and changing things up this would make a very inexpensive gift as well as an asset when taking road trips!
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Giveaway:  Hamilton Buhl is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a set of headphones to have of their own!              
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  1. I think these headphones would work good for my grandson to use while he is playing his drums with his dad. He has been introduced to listening to music while playing drums to understand when a drum beat is needed-

  2. I know my daughter would love these headphones every one we have gotten are awful they dont fit and hurt her ears..


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