Power Theory® Credit Card Sized Portable Charger Review

        Right now my life seems to depend on my phone and I am frequently (or always) using it for work.  Because of this, my phones battery always seem to take a beating.  My family is constantly complaining about me not answering calls or text because the phone is dead.  When I'm on the go with the kids, it seems like one of them constantly needs to be on my phone playing games to keep busy while of course draining more life from my battery as well.

        This usually means I have to keep phone constantly charging, I need to charge it on the go.  So when I was asked to review the Power Theory® Credit Card Sized Portable Charger, I knew it would be perfect for our "on the go" family lifestyle.  I was very curious to see once it arrived if it would truly be smaller than the other portable chargers I've tried in the past and how well it would work at that size as well.

        There is nothing I hate more than having to add more bulk to my already cluttered purse and items I have to bring along for the kids.  Weighing a total of 2.1 ounces and only 3.75 x 2.4 x 1/4 inches in size, this charger literally feels like nothing.  Don't misunderstand though as it charges a variety of devices and rapidly.  I love having these options without having to be stuck at home or near an outlet.
        Not only is it small and light enough to tote around in my purse or Kevin's pocket but it can even charge my phone quicker than having it plugged into a normal outlet!  On top of already being compact, it has a built-in Micro USB and Apple Lightning Cable so I don't have to have extra cables added into my purse, I just grab it and go.
Available to Purchase/Cost: $29.95 Power Theory® Credit Card-Sized 2500mAh Portable Charger
Recommendation:  To be honest you pay 3x this for most phones/devices these days and most of the accessories themselves are a minimum of $30 a piece.  Now with this you don't have to worry about purchasing a separate charger for each device (spending probably twice as much as this costs) or going without battery life again!  Well worth the purchase and makes for a great gift for the techie in your life.
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  1. I need one of these for Happy Husband. Definitely! Thank you for a great review!


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