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        With summer upon us, we are starting to spend more time outdoors.  So while we already don't use any paper products we know we want to be able to have everything we need to travel outdoors and stay there as much as possible.  In the past we've used each and every alternative to paper we possibly could.  The brand you will most frequently find us using is Cool Gear Inc.  Not only have a enjoyed the many opportunities to be an ambassador for the brand but it truly is one which has me and my family in mind.

        Cool Gear provides all sorts of eco-friendly products that just about anyone can use.  They have everything from reusable cups and self filtering water bottles to salad containers and ice blocks for entertaining.  Its great see such a variety from a company trying contribute in a fun way to the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle).  "Since 1986, we have been conceptualizing and developing ideas, turning them into products and bringing them to the marketplace. We deliver innovative and imaginative products to the marketplace while providing a 100% customer satisfaction policy."

        We use our Cool Gear cups for traveling to and from the beaches, poolside, and every where we can think.  Kevin and Alana also use a variety of their cups and food storage for work and school.  I was very excited to receive four new and awesome products from Cool Gear recently.  I was sent over the Filtration + Infuser Pitcher, Deluxe Salad Kit, Tea Infuser 11oz Desktop Mug and the BRAND NEW Powerade ZERO Drops Sports Bottle (available at Walmart).

        I honestly had no idea how awesome the Deluxe Salad Kit was going to be until it first arrived.  Not only does this kit perfectly hold your healthy meal in place but there is a spot for everything including lettuce, toppings, and a dressing container with leak proof cap.  Plus you can even freeze the the tray so your meal stays cold throughout the day if you don't have refrigeration as an option!

        Although, Kevin isn't a huge health nut, he does enjoy salads and taking lunch to work.  This way he doesn't have to worry about warm lettuce, soggy ingredients from being mixed hours before eating, and he can even use this to bring a good mix of foods by placing each separately in the different compartments.  Alana has also used this easily for one lunch on one of her last days of school!

        The Tea Infuser is a perfect way for me to enjoy my morning (or nightly) tea at my desk while I work.  There are so many health benefits to drinking loose leaf tea and this makes it convenient to do so.  Whats great is it has double wall insulation so I can keep my tea hot.  While I have been using this for loose leaf, you can use it just as well with tea bags too.

        The Filtration + Infuser Pitcher holds any 82 oz beverage and is perfect for entertaining!  Using a 2 stage filter the water tastes fresh even plain!  The pitcher can also be filled with just about anything from fresh fruit and vegetables to herbs or spices.  I seriously think my family would go into a state of panic if they woke up one morning and this was gone.  We haven't gone a day without creating something yummy and fresh.

        Our favorite has been fresh strawberry lemonade which the kids can't get enough of but Kevin and I prefer southern style sweet tea.  Best part of this is that I know what they are drinking and there's no artificial flavoring or other additives that I've never heard of being used.

        These items have been an awesome edition to our Cool Gear supplies but still the best has been the BRAND NEW Powerade ZERO Drops Sports Bottle which was given to Kevin for work immediately.  Kevin drinks sports drinks constantly and especially loves taking them to work each day.  He was beyond excited to try this out the first day it arrived.  I love that you can use your own filtered water and it's fresh instead of a premixed sports drink that has been sitting on a grocery store shelf for who knows how long!

        My only complaint is that when you have the cap open it sits way too high making it difficult to drink without poking your nose (and no my nose is not that big, LOL).  This needs to be redesigned to either sit lower in the lid or so it can be removed when drinking.  Otherwise the idea behind fresh and much more inexpensive sports drinks is great.  Kevin has just been using a straw to avoid this.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $29.99 - Filtration + Infuser Pitcher 
$9.99 - 11oz Tea Infuser Desktop Mug 
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Recommendation:  I would recommend these "cool" products to everyone and anyone.  Cool Gear not only makes a difference but can also save you money.  Each time I check out their site they have new creative products for everyone and anyone to use - kids or adults.  Over the last few years I have bought myself several other Cool Gear products when I find them in stores.
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Giveaway:  Cool Gear is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Powerade Zero Drops Sports Bottle and Salad Kit to have of their own to try!
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