Eco-Poof Biodegradable Bags Review and #Giveaway

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        So you all know how I feel about recycling and waste as well as how hard I work to implement a green friendly lifestyle into my families every day activities.  You should also know that this always includes my pets as they are family as well.  This next review I want to share with you is a bit difficult to clarify which category I would truly place it in as the product is geared towards pets BUT I believe it can be used in so many other ways!

        I was recently given the opportunity to work with a new brand, Eco-Poof, which makes eco-friendly biodegradable poop bags for pet waste.  Concerned about the direction our planet is headed and the tremendous amount of waste we are creating with no where to go, Eco-Poof wants to be a part of the solution, thus the creation of Eco-Poof Bags.
        Biodegradable and polyethylene free, these bags are completely leak proof.  This part makes my daughter especially happy since she is the one responsible for chore of picking up the dog poop weekly.  These are very durable and made to fit most bag dispensers for on the go use.  The only complaint in terms of using to picking up dog poop around the yard is that with three large breed dogs, these fill up extremely fast so we'd love to see a larger bag option in the long run.

        If you don't have a dog, these work well for the litter box and cat messes too.  They are completely compostable (within 2 to 5 years), helping everyday waste break down faster and as we know keeping plastic out of our landfills.  Plus, as mentioned, I think they work just as well for other waste too!  I've been using the bags for quick pickup of our chicken poop AND for any compostable foods so that I can easily toss in our compost bin outside.  I am curious to see if the worms will help compost the bags in my worm composter as well!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $54.85 Year Supply Eco-Poof Biodegradable Poop Bags 
Recommendation:  I love the bags and am sold on them for good!  We've been using them all around the house for multiple feel good tasks.  The cost of both is beyond reasonable and makes it hard for you to not start composting or doing the right thing for the planet.
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Giveaway:  Eco-Poof is going to give SEVERAL of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a supply variety of Eco-Poof Bags to try of their own!
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  1. We have 2 dogs, one little one and one GIANT one. Let me tell ya, our great dane makes a lot of poop!


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