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        As you've probably seen I am always trying to find creative ways to plant seedlings to start edibles year long.  From my recycled wipe container herb garden to my egg shell seed starters.  I try to throw nothing away if it can be reused especially for gardening purposes.  I am obsessed with having as much fun gardening especially with my kids as possible.  I am always trying to turn each activity together into a teaching point.  We need to start young teaching our children how to be self sufficient and how to take care of this planet so it will be around for generations to come.

        In my one of my recent online explorations, looking for gardening ideas I came across a site/company called Grow Globes.  Right away I was excited as the first globe I saw was the clovers (and you know how I feel about them, LOL).  You can purchase from four different globe terrariums.  I love that the terrariums are made of plastic in case they don't stick (which they do) OR you knock them off the window like I did.  This way they don't break easily.

        What got me excited to work with this company is that not only do they provide everything you need to start your own mini garden but you can grow virtually anywhere.  "Grow Globe terrariums can easily be placed on any surface. Not only do they come with a suction cup for smooth surfaces, but our kits also include a rough surface sticker."

     We were sent one of each of the varieties to grow.  Each kit comes with a saucer, a suction cup, and a rough surfaces sticker, seeds, soil, measuring cup (none of mine included this), and instructions.  The first garden we set up was of course the clovers but then quickly the other three followed.  We watched the plants grow in front of our eyes.

        Believe it or not the clover grew the quickest and easiest which I believe is a sign of our luck :) .  Unfortunately, the cactus so far has not shown itself and I don't really think it will.  The grass grew exceptionally easy and will be given to the baby chicks in our house for grazing.  The viola has made its tiny appearance and while small it already looks beautiful!  The kids have had a blast so far with these and the plan is to reuse them for other planting projects for the boys!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $6.99 Grow Globe Mini Growing Kit 
Recommendation:  I definately would recommend this to anyone who gardens in smallest amounts since they can be done all year round and anywhere you can think of.  These make great projects for your little ones to learn about growing or even would make a very cute gift at a great price!
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Giveaway:  Grow Globe is going to give FIVE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers two Grow Globes each to grow of their own!
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  1. I would use these items to continue my avid gardening skills and growing my own vegetables. I do now but always love trying new products and sometimes it helps others to get excited about gardening as well.

  2. I'll use them to grow my own herbs to make delicious food.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com


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