J!nx Minecraft Ocelot Premium Zip-up Hoodie Review

        Sweatshirts or Hoodies are something that just about every one wears at one point, even if it's just while enjoying a comfy day at home.  Hoodies have become a universal clothing item which our family enjoys wearing quite a bit.  Between the high school'er and the boys, we have every kind you can imagine to keep warm and cozy here in Michigan.  As I've said before, my husband is quite the hardcore gamer so much that he has turned both my boys into little gamers as well.

        Dane, my oldest son, is obsessed Minecraft. He plays it on Xbox all the time and studying engineering myself, Minecraft seems like a great visual building game for the boys.  Not only is this a fun game for children (or adults) but it's extremely educational, building skills without even being aware of it.  I was thrilled when J!nx asked me to review their Minecraft Ocelot Premium Zip-up Hoodie and timing was perfect as it would be an amazing birthday gift for Dane.

        When Dane opened the sweatshirt, he had to wear it that day as he loved it.  Made of 60% Cotton/40% Polyester Fleece with ultra-soft interior, the hoodie quickly became his favorite.  He has worn the sweatshirt everyday since his birthday which was about a month ago. So you can only imagine how much use it's gotten (and how dirty it is).  We had to wash it secretly so that he could still wear it the next day.

        He said that his friends at school thought that it was so cool and they wanted one too.  Oh and he's corrected me several times when I call it a Minecraft Sweatshirt as "it is an Ocelot MOM!!!"  I've been extremely happy with how warm this has kept him over the past few weeks with our unpredictable weather.  It's stood up to the rough play a seven year old can put a piece of clothing through too!

Available to purchase/Cost: $54.99 Minecraft Ocelot Hoodie
Recommendation:  While I don't care how much my kids love this sweatshirt, there is no way I am spending $55 bucks on a sweatshirt they are going to where (even for a long period of time).  It's just too costly for a hoodie and especially for a child size.  A lot of the products J!nx has are awesome but very expensive.
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