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        I am beyond thrilled to share this next product with you for more reasons than I can count.  In all the transitions I've made over the years with my family becoming more green, there are still so many ways we have yet to try.  Moving into the new house and focusing on 'Growing into Green', sharing the entire green home owning process, the area I most wanted to update has been painting inside and out.  Our home is an older farmhouse which desperately needs upgrading.  We could have bought a newer house but we truly wanted something we could make our own while incorporating a safe, green living lifestyle.

        Literally doing a search over a year ago for "Green Paint", I discovered more than just paint which was the color green.  I realized there was a new (but not so new) kind of paint which resembled the most natural of pigments before society began adding all the chemicals, solvents (VOCs), lead and mercury.  In this search I discovered The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.  "In 1974, after much experimentation, we recreated an old Milk Paint formula to provide an authentic finish".

        The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company nowadays is more than just a safe historical paint mixture.  Milk Paint is an all-natural, biodegradable paint.  Not just safe on product for and around children, but safe enough you could drink it.  I'm sure you've heard the joke about kids eating paint chips, well now it wouldn't matter.  There are no VOCS, HAPs or EPA-exempt solvents added.  The Old Fashioned Milk Paint comes in 20 colors which "gives the look of Colonial America, with many historic-based colors".

        After quite a bit of debate in my household, we settled on the Slate Blue color for the boys room.  It was recommended to us for the ability to change slightly depending on what other colors you choose to put with it.  The boys were not about to let us go more than a day once the paint arrived as they were dying for a new look for their bedroom.

        Mixing the paint was not an easy task, in my opinion.  But this was mostly because of how I chose to do so.  I used an empty milk jug so I would be able to easily shake and then store in the fridge for the next days painting since we were starting at night.  I struggled quite a bit getting the powder to go down the funnel because of it's thickness.  Had I chosen a different mixing method, this would have been much easier.  It does feel awesome being able to just add water to make your own paint.

        The evening we decided to do this it was raining so we really didn't want to open the windows and since we were letting the boys help, we explained it might not be a possibility because of this.  I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to not notice a single smell of paint.  There was no chemical smell, no burning in your throat or nostrils, no buzz in the head without having ariflow throughout the room.

        It was amazing to be able to enjoy such an activity with my family without concern for my children's safety.  I knew they were finally going to have a bedroom where god forbid someone licked a wall, they would be completely safe!  Had Declan stuck his fingers in his mouth while painting the walls, he would have been just fine (and believe me this wouldn't have surprised me with him)!

        The paint dried extremely quick (remember without airflow too) and really only required one and a half coat.  (I call it one and a half because I painted the area twice at the same time before the first dried completely to cover the area thoroughly.)  I have not had the opportunity to put the paint to the magic eraser test yet but I feel pretty confident in the paints ability to last in a room like the boys (they aren't little anymore).  I expect the look to last just as long!
MORE Finished Pictures Coming Soon!

Available to purchase/Cost: $48.95 - 1 Gallon Milk Paint 
Recommendation:  To be honest this seems expensive but not when you think about all the chemicals you are avoiding and how amazing it worked.  Plus remember this comes in a powder form so you can mix with water for an all natural paint.  While I will definitely be purchasing this in the future, I'd still like to see it a bit cheaper so those who aren't sure can find it affordable to try.
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Giveaway:  The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a 2 Gallons of Milk paint to try of their own!
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  1. I've always wanted to try milk paint! I'm turning an old dresser into a bathroom vanity and this paint would be perfect! Nothing's more green than repurposing something!

  2. The Old Fashioned Milk Paint would be great to use in the home as today's trends lean toward the elimination of toxins in the home. Being that these paints are free of harmful chemicals is a positive bonus. Thanks for a great giveaway!


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